In Kürze können wir dir unseren Tough Mudder Kalender 2022 präsentieren. Abonniere unsere Newsletter und versäume nicht die tollen Informationen und die besten Deals für dich Wann geht es endlich los?

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    Tough Mudder ist ein Event, bei dem du deine körperlichen und geistigen Grenzen ohne Wettbewerbsdruck testen kannst. Eine Community, die auf Teamwork und der Überwindung von Hindernissen aufgebaut ist und bei der das Verlassen deiner Komfortzone die Belohnung ist. Wann hast du das letzte Mal etwas zum ersten Mal gemacht?


    Alle Tough Mudder-Events basieren auf Teamwork und fordert dich mit aussergewöhnlichen Hindernissen. 5k oder Classic? Du hast die Wahl!

    Tough Mudder Classic

    Das Original. 10 Meilen schlammgetränktes Chaos mit 25 der verrücktesten Hindernissen.

    Du bist bereit!

    Tough Mudder 5K

    Ein teamorientierter 5-km-Kurs voller Hindernisse, der von dir und deinen Freunden bezwungen werden möchte

    Los geht’s!

    Endurance Serie

    Das bessere du! Von 10 Meilen bis 24 Stunden ist vieles möglich.

    Aber jetzt!


    ⏳Persistence pays off ...

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    The 4 Types of Parents at Tough Mudder Kids. Which one are you!? 😅 ...

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    20 year later, we will never forget. 🧡

    US Veteran Earl Granville reflects on those who sacrificed their lives on 9/11.

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    Thanks so much Steve 😭 ...

    1955 24 in? ...

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    That’s one way to avoid the ⚡️ at Electroshock Therapy ...

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    ~* NO RAGRETS *~ ...

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    THEY’RE HERE: The Tough Mudder MaxGrit by @craftsportswear.
    ➝ Lightweight design for stability on uneven terrain
    ➝ Built with durable materials that are made to last harsh conditions
    ➝ Unparalleled drainage system with a grip built for the obstacle course
    Shop now at the link in bio. 🔗

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    In case you needed more proof that age is just a number 🙌🧡
    Check out more from Tough Mudder City in #FinsburyPark in our stories.

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    Somebody’s got to be last...🤣
    Tough Mudder City is going down in #FinsburyPark this weekend, keep your eyes glued to our stories for more 👀🔥

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    The 2021 #ObstacleDesignChallenge is HERE!🔥Submit your ideas for the wackiest and wildest obstacles you can imagine and you could see YOUR design on the Tough Mudder course! 💡⁠

    Learn more at the link in bio.

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    POV: You’re 7 miles in and you reach your favorite obstacle, Blockness Monster 🙌 ...

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    If at first you don’t succeed...have two friends help you get there. 💪🏼 ...

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    The pledge in action: “Never leave a Mudder behind” ...

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    How many splashes do you count? 💦 ...

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    "How the f**k do you like us now?" 😅 ...

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    Toughest Mudder story from @jamierahn: The obstacle Everest had just opened up, so I went to go cheer people on. People were struggling HARD to make it up. In fact I only saw one person make it without needing assistance. This man comes hobbling out of the corn field being supported by 2 other runners on either arm. He has hurt his left knee and can barely support his own weight. I think to myself, "Wow! He’s really gonna give THIS obstacle a go after he hurt his knee THAT bad?" I was a little concerned. I then noticed he only has one hand. His left hand is amputated. They all banded together and he got up that wall. I just want to take a moment to acknowledge some huge hearts at Tough Mudder and outstanding teamwork that I saw this weekend! ...

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    All that build up and 0/5 bells 😂 ...

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