Tough Mudder is a series of obstacle and mud runs that will push your physical and mental limits without the pressure of competition. A community built on teamwork and overcoming obstacles, where stepping outside your comfort zone is the reward. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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    Every Tough Mudder event is built on the foundation of teamwork and features world class obstacles. From 5K to running all night – we have an event for you.

    Tough Mudder 5K

    Featuring 13 of our famous teamwork-inspired obstacles crammed into 5K course, Tough Mudder 5K is a fast-paced, team-orientated challenge sure to test you and your friends.

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    Tough Mudder 10K

    Welcome to the sweet spot. With a 10K course and 20 of our world-famous obstacles to tackle, Tough Mudder 10k is the newest adventure in our obstacle course line-up.

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    Tough Mudder 15K

    Different name, same formidable challenge. The ultimate obstacle course now with 30 obstacles over a 15K run. With no competition and no timing, it’s just you, your teammates and muddy strangers working together to conquer the course and earn the world-famous orange headband.

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    Group Ticket Packages

    From company team building to bachelor parties to kids birthday parties and charity fundraisers– there’s no platform quite like Tough Mudder to rally your team. With one of our group packages you will experience Tough Mudder like a VIP – from personalized services to custom amenities, your team is guaranteed to escape the ordinary.

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    Endurance Series

    Push your limits to see how far you can push yourself in 12- or 24- hours at one of Tough Mudder’s three Endurance Series events.

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