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Egal, ob auf oder abseits der Strecke: Ein Mudder kann jedes Hindernis überwinden und weiß wie es sich anfühlt, Großes zu leisten.

A Tough Mudder course is no stranger to side-splitting creativity, and coming into Tough Mudder Los Angeles, we knew LA Mudders would set the costume bar for the 2015 event season.

Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Here are our top on-course costumes from TM LA.

Saiyan Style

Three Mudders bring Dragon Ball Z cosplay to the base area.


In honor of 2 Million Mudders crossing our finish line, throughout the month of August, we'll be highlighting the personal fundraising efforts of inspiring Mudders. To learn more about running and raising for charity, visit our official 2 Million Mudders page.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But look at any photo of Kai Madden running a recent Tough Mudder and a thousand questions probably come to mind.


Whether you’re an avid follower of us on Facebook and Twitter or you’ve been on course in 2014, you’ve undoubtedly encountered Mudder Nation’s latest beloved buzz-phrase: Mudder Legion.


Every four years, the world’s greatest sporting bodies put on a display of athleticism that grips the globe. FIFA has the World Cup. The IOC has the Olympics. For Tough Mudder, now in its fifth year as the worldwide leader in mud-coated madness, the time to take the world stage is now.

During the weekend of August 16, Tough Mudder will host Global Mudder--a worldwide display of the Mudder spirit so great you need four countries to host it.

So just what is Global Mudder? We thought you'd ask, and we're here to tell you.


Tough Mudder's 10-12 mile military-style obstacle course is about much more than overcoming on-course obstacles-- it's a chance for people around the world to test their fitness while bonding with friends and fellow Mudders and overcoming physical, mental and personal obstacles along the way.


By nature, Coach T. Mud is just a good ol' country mountain boy. But staying in the mountains wouldn't be so great for his newfound comfort zone-crushing philosophy would it?

In episode six of Coachified, Coach T. Mud takes a Mudder-sized bite out of the Big Apple in an effort to find what lies outside his comfort zone.


Tough Mudder Capital Region is poised to be one of our toughest courses of the year. Think hydration and carbo-loading on Friday, and extra duct tape on Saturday and Sunday. We'll see you in the MUD.

1) West Virginia Wild

The course routes Mudders across the rugged landscape of Peacemakers National Training Center, taking them through thick forests, swampy corridors, and rugged rock faces. This isn’t a jog on a manicured park route, it’s a walk on the wild side.

Nearly half of this challenge takes place on trails, coming out to hit a barrage of classic and brand new Tough Mudder obstacles, then turning back into winding forest paths. Stay on course, beware of velociraptors. 
A Hill-acious Course Route 
It wouldn’t be Ohio Valley without Ohio hills.

World’s Toughest Mudder is just 4 days away. If you’ve ever wondered how one trains for this hellish 24 hour endurance race, watch this week’s episode of Coachified and find out.


Find out why you should watch the first-ever Tough Mudder X for free on July 14.


If you’re getting advice from even the most seasoned World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) contenders, be sure to take it with a grain of salt (or more appropriately, sand) because for the first time ever, the extreme 24-hour military obstacle course race will be held on never-before-experienced WTM terrain--the desert sands of Las Vegas.



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Da einige neue und aufrengede Änderungen in diesem Jahr bevorstehen, wollten wir sicher gehen, dass Du auch alle Informationen erhälst damit Du für Dein bevorstehendes Tough Mudder Event rundum vorbereitet bist.


Da es den Europe's Toughest Mudder zum aller ersten Mal auch in Deutschland geben wird, schwirren Dir bestimmt ein Haufen an Fragen im Kopf herum. Lies Dir hier also am Besten, die häufigsten Fragen durch, die vor einem Toughest Mudder Event gestellt werden, und finde gleich dazu die passenden Antworten, damit Du Dich beruhigt auf den Wettkampf im Schlamm freuen kannst:



Komme vorbereitet zum Toughest Mudder mit diesen Tipps an 10 must-have Ausrüstungsgegenständen.