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Egal, ob auf oder abseits der Strecke: Ein Mudder kann jedes Hindernis überwinden und weiß wie es sich anfühlt, Großes zu leisten.

We recently took you through a list of some famous folks who’ve run a Tough Mudder. Since then (by the way, don’t think we didn’t see you spectating at TM Tahoe, Tyler Perry), the list has grown.


Badassery has been one of the past month’s themes here on the Tough Mudder blog. Last week, we took a look at some inspiring, badass women you’ve never heard of. The week before: real-life, everyday heroes who’ve made the world a better, more badass place.


It was days before the Fourth of July 2006 when Ali realized she was in love. To this day, that weekend spent with her future husband, Drew Bicknell, on Perry Lake, 40 miles west of Kansas City, is still the one she considers her life’s best.


Scouting, designing and setting up Tough Mudder courses is hard work.

And building Tough Mudder Wisconsin at our new Road America venue has been damn hard work. So who are the men, the hearty, wolf-battling men who create such Tough Mudder courses? Glad you asked. Meet BQ and the Best Friends Gang.



Alberta Mudders,

Have you ever ran on the dark side of the moon? Lucky for you, our Tough Mudder Alberta course looks something like that.

We've got quite a course planned for you, look out for these highlights:

1. Your epic journey begins in front of a crowd on the Stampede Horse Track. They'll get to laugh at you as your clothes get caught crawling through Kiss of Mud.

2. You'll get a chance to rev your engines through the moto-x track with some gnarly climbs and stomach turning drops.


Tough Mudder is no stranger to badassery, and last week, we took the time to honor some real-life badass dudes you probably never heard of. Now that the men have had their moment, it’s time to introduce you to some ladies who prove that badassery truly knows no gender.

Next time someone tries to play that old-fashioned, insecurity-ridden women-just-aren’t-as-tough-as-men card, send them here.


This year, Tough Mudder has been stoked to team up with Garmin, the groundbreaking, cutting-edge tech company specializing in superior outdoor sporting products.


Is brown rice actually healthier than its colorless counterpart. We’ve decided to break it down. 


It’s true. To complete Tough Mudder’s 10-12-mile military-style obstacle course, you need to be somewhat of a badass. There’s no hiding that.


The Tough Mudder Operations team on the ground is loving every minute here in Maine, and, amidst all the fun, we thought we’d each share a reason or two as to why we named this week’s event the Great Northeast.

The Obstacles

This Maine course is hard. No seriously, it’s wicked hard. We hit ledge rock everywhere we attempted to excavate, so we were left with two choices. One: Build a mediocre course. Two: Make the obstacles tougher. Obviously, we chose option two. Check out the above-ground Walk the Plank coming your way.


Wow. Just wow. This past weekend, Mudders the globe over answered the international call of camaraderie to commemorate Global Mudder--Tough Mudder’s most epic weekend in our half-decade history.

So just how epic is EPIC? In just 48 hours, the number of worldwide Mudders who crossed our finish line would be able to fill three Madison Square Gardens. That’s right. Three. But the shocking facts, figures and findings don’t stop there. For the skinny on Global Mudder, check out our Global Mudder By the Numbers infographic.

Mudder Nation,
Are you ready to take on Tough Mudder Tahoe?
We are back at Tahoe for our fourth time, and this time we are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this course. Well, not actually the kitchen sink... but that could be a good obstacle name. We’ll work on that for the future. But for now, back to Tahoe. 
In the past we have stuck to a very similar course route at Northstar Resort, but that is all about to change.
Nearly half of this challenge takes place on trails, coming out to hit a barrage of classic and brand new Tough Mudder obstacles, then turning back into winding forest paths. Stay on course, beware of velociraptors. 
A Hill-acious Course Route 
It wouldn’t be Ohio Valley without Ohio hills.