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In 2018 we're going old school, returning to our roots and remembering what got us here in the first place: community.

It sounds simple, but we do better when we work together and that's as true out in the real world, as it is on the obstacle course.

Not sold on the idea? Here are five ways in which Mudder Nation is Tougher Together.


Mark your calendar with the latest 2017 America's Toughest Mudder air dates and re-live all the epic, insane, pulse-pounding action of World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 (including NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage).


Mudders, we hear you.

So we’re giving you more opportunities to #EscapeTheOrdinary in the capital with additional events at London West & London South.

Act fast, the demand is high and the original dates are selling fast. 


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The recent training event held in London at “Mudderchute” saw the UK debut of 3 of the most highly anticipated obstacles of 2017. Augustus Gloop, Funky Monkey - The Revolution and Kong wereall tried and tested by Mudders for the first time in the UK.


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We may have only launched the Obstacle Design Competition 2018 last week but Mudder Nation has certainly stepped up to the plate.

If you're still pondering over whether to drop your fellow Mudders from a great height, or squeeze them into a claustaphobic space then check out some of the weird and wonderful submissions that we've already received.

Some of the Craziest Obstacle Designs So Far


Here are just a few of our favourite obstacles that have already been submitted by Mudders far and wide.


What do you get when you take superhuman level athletes from across multiple disciplines like CrossFit, OCR, and American Ninja Warrior and pit them against each other over a one mile course packed with world class obstacles, and exhaustive workout zones? The electrifying Tough Mudder X World Championship.

If you missed the unbelievable showdown that was the finals this last Saturday, quit kicking yourself and get hyped because all that epic action is headed for CBS Sports on August 2nd at 7PM ET.



So you think you know what to expect when you come to Tough Mudder? Think again. At Tough Mudder London North we dropped a brand new, never-before-seen obstacle into the mix and because it made such a big...splash we took it to Tough Mudder Yorkshire. Hydrophobia.

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Du kannst so viel trainieren wie Du möchtest, aber Du wirst bei diesen Hindernissen auf die Hilfe Deines Teams angewiesen sein (oder auf die helfenden Hände von einem Fremden). Egal ob durch, auf oder drunter, Teamwork ist bei diesen 5 Hindernissen auf jeden Fall gefragt:


Wir wissen Mudder, dass Du mit der derzeitigen Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft noch im Fußballfieber steckst und auch, dass Du gerade davon einfach nicht genug bekommen kannst. Wir und die Polizeiakademie Niedersachsen haben da genau das Richtige für Dich: Bubble Fußball auf dem kommenden Norddeutschland Event

Und so sieht der Mega-Spaß dann aus:


Bright lights, big stage, small screen: Get ready to watch three epic episodes of the Tough Mudder X World Championship on CBS.