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One of 2015’s most team-oriented obstacles, Beached Whale is an immovable mass that stays true to its namesake.

Just because it’s immovable doesn’t mean it’s unsurmountable, however. Incorporate these training exercises into your pre-Tough Mudder regimen to navigate Beached Whale.


In addition to dedicating their lives and time to our country, countless servicemen and women continually take time out of their hectic schedules to support and motivate the Mudders in their community.

Here are a few of our favorite photos of our servicemen and women motivating Mudders nationwide.


Some people commit to Tough Mudder to lose weight and gain confidence. Some run for charity or a lost loved one. Others are just looking to take their weekend warrior status to the ultimate level.


If you thought the first version of Funky Monkey was funky, what 'til you see our bar-raising 2015 update.

To best prep you for the new, tricked-out version of our classic favorite, Coach T. Mud is here to share three FM 2.0-centric exercises with you.


We’ve got some new tricks up our sleeves this Mudder season, and Skidmarked is one of our latest Obstacle Innovation Lab creations.

A new-for-2015 obstacle that requires tricep strength and lower body explosiveness, you won’t get run over at Skidmarked if you adhere to these three Coach T. Mud-approved exercises.


Tough Mudder isn’t just another mud run or challenge, and Chipotle doesn’t just provide great burritos.   

At every Tough Mudder event, and in our Mudders’ everyday lives, we see amazing displays of camaraderie, teamwork and integrity. At TMHQ, one of our core values is pride, and we bring integrity to everything we do.


May 2, 2015 marks the five year anniversary of Tough Mudder’s very first event at Bear Creek ski resort in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, it’s been a wild, memorable, epic half-decade ride.

Watch how far we’ve come in a few short years, and then get caught up on your Tough Mudder history by visiting our Tough Mudder 5 Year Anniversary Page.


This year, we’ve already sent one contest winner and a friend to Tough Mudder Whistler, and they were so psyched that we wanted to give you Mudders a heads up about another chance to win a trip to TM Whistler for you and three of your friends.

Right now, Tourism Whistler is running a contest offering an insane laundry list of prizes to one lucky Mudder.

The grand prize includes:
  • Round-trip coach air transportation to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Our redefined 2015 Tough Mudder course requires more camaraderie than ever before, and you need to look no further than some of our brand-spanking-new obstacles to see that. 

To ensure that your team is ready for the challenge ahead, let’s run down some 2015 obstacles that will put team chemistry to the ultimate test.

English, British

A Tough Mudder course is no stranger to side-splitting creativity, and coming into Tough Mudder Los Angeles, we knew LA Mudders would set the costume bar for the 2015 event season.

Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Here are our top on-course costumes from TM LA.

Saiyan Style

Three Mudders bring Dragon Ball Z cosplay to the base area.