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The venue and date for Tough Mudder Melbourne 2015 has changed. The event will now be held at State Motorcycle Sports Complex Broadford, which is within one hour of Melbourne. Everything about Melbourne 2015 is new: new venue, new date, new obstacles, new Village and new experiences.

English, Australia

Heads up, Mudders. Throughout the entire mind-numbing 24 hours of World’s Toughest Mudder 2014, one of the world’s most grueling endurance races, Tough Mudder will be broadcasting live media updates right here on the Tough Mudder Blog. Updates will include standing recaps, participant interviews, obstacle highlights, prize giveaways, wild WTM-related stunts and more.

Dear North Carolina 2014 Mudders,

Tough Mudder North Carolina is the last in a long line of gruesome, relentless, muddy courses in the 2014 season. In our minds, one of the best things about a Tough Mudder challenge is that no two courses are alike. A mountain venue batters your legs. A raceway is flat and fast. Thick and winding forestlands take Mudders deep into the heart of the wilderness.


In three seasons as a TMHQ operations manager, planning and building Tough Mudder courses, Hilary May has left literal and figurative footprints on Tough Mudder courses throughout North America. Out of dozens of venues she’s masterminded into meccas of mud-coated madness, Tall Pines ATV Park, home of Tough Mudder Upstate New York, is arguably home to more Mudder memories than any other course. 

Marathon battery life

The VIRB Elite’s 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery has the ability to capture your entire Mudder journey from start line adrenaline to that finish line beer. Lasting up to three hours recording at 1080p (that’s full high definition), there’s a good chance you’ll tire out long before this battery does.


Ominously looming over the Tough Mudder course, this fire-breathing beast of an obstacle, the crown jewel of Legionnaire’s Loop, is accessible only to Mudder Legionnaires-- Mudders with one or more previous Tough Mudder finishes.


Tough Mudder Capital Region is poised to be one of our toughest courses of the year. Think hydration and carbo-loading on Friday, and extra duct tape on Saturday and Sunday. We'll see you in the MUD.

1) West Virginia Wild

The course routes Mudders across the rugged landscape of Peacemakers National Training Center, taking them through thick forests, swampy corridors, and rugged rock faces. This isn’t a jog on a manicured park route, it’s a walk on the wild side.


Ever since wrapping up in Wisconsin, BQ and the Best Friends Gang have been hard at work setting up Tough Mudder Michigan.

Since we’re the best in the biz, you may ask yourself how the Best Friends Gang handles the task of packing so much nonsense and badassery into one innocent piece of land.

Alright, Michigan. Here’s your answer, in chronological order.


Scouting, designing and setting up Tough Mudder courses is hard work.

And building Tough Mudder Wisconsin at our new Road America venue has been damn hard work. So who are the men, the hearty, wolf-battling men who create such Tough Mudder courses? Glad you asked. Meet BQ and the Best Friends Gang.



Alberta Mudders,

Have you ever ran on the dark side of the moon? Lucky for you, our Tough Mudder Alberta course looks something like that.

We've got quite a course planned for you, look out for these highlights:

1. Your epic journey begins in front of a crowd on the Stampede Horse Track. They'll get to laugh at you as your clothes get caught crawling through Kiss of Mud.

2. You'll get a chance to rev your engines through the moto-x track with some gnarly climbs and stomach turning drops.