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After Cage Crawl made it's return, Mudders far and wide have been wondering what could be coming to their course. Which classic Tough Mudder challenges of days gone by could be back to haunt them?

We can now reveal that Boa Constrictor will be slithering back onto the course to scare and delight Mudder Nation.

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From the cool temps to the muddy, technical terrain, competitor Kristopher Mendoza gives an on-the-ground recap of the first Toughest Mudder of the season. 


Vielleicht hast Du schon von unserem neuen Tough Mudder 5K Format gehört. Mitten in der Stadt und völlig matschfrei – dafür mindestens genauso cool wie all die anderen Tough Mudder Läufe, die Berge an Schlamm für Euch bereit halten. Also heftig cool einfach nur. 


Our race director gives the latest updates and details on the 2018 Tough Mudder Season, changes to prizing, and more.


Mudders, we have been listening to you all your feedback and learning more about as we get further into the year.

We have updated the FAQs below and tried to clear up some of the confusion. We also have added more step by step instructions to each part of the journey so you should be able to find answers to most of your queries below. 



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Back in January we asked Mudder Nation to decide which classic Tough Mudder obstacles, found in The Vault, that they wanted to see back on course in 2018.

Thousands of Mudders voted and we can now reveal that Cage Crawl will be returning to the course.

What is Cage Crawl?

If you're not familiar with obstacles from days gone by, you might be wondering what on earth Cage Crawl is.

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As if we weren't excited enough about the first UK Tough Mudder weekend in 2018, it turns out that Tough Mudder London West will be our 50th event ever in Europe. 

Tough Mudder's 50th Event in Europe

That means we've had 50 events full of innovative obstacles that push boundaries, teamwork and camaraderie that keeps us motivated and just a tiny bit of mud.

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Tough Mudder Volunteers. Die freundlichen Gesichter, die Dich auf dem Kurs anfeuern und Dir High-5's geben. Die Dir im Ziel das Finisher-Stirnband auf den Kopf setzen und Dir Dein wohlverdientes Bier in die Hand drücken. Die Dich daran erinnern, dass Schmerz vergänglich ist.

Warum sie sich das antun und dabei noch so motiviert aussehen? Weil es einige grandiose Vorteile mit sich bringt, Tough Mudder als Volunteer zu unterstützen:


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