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10 Tough things about Tough Mudder Capital Region

By Melissa Benjamin | 25. September 2014


Tough Mudder Capital Region is poised to be one of our toughest courses of the year. Think hydration and carbo-loading on Friday, and extra duct tape on Saturday and Sunday. We'll see you in the MUD.

1) West Virginia Wild

The course routes Mudders across the rugged landscape of Peacemakers National Training Center, taking them through thick forests, swampy corridors, and rugged rock faces. This isn’t a jog on a manicured park route, it’s a walk on the wild side.

2) Harsh Ascents

All the earthwork Peacemakers has done to make some of the best shooting ranges in the country gave us the chance to send Mudders scrambling up some of the gnarliest, steepest ascents we’ve ever seen. We couldn’t let that opportunity go to waste. 

3) Winding trails 

Tough Mudder Capitol region is filled with dense, winding forest trails. The path disappears into the woods, only to reappear at the face of another daunting obstacle, over and over again. With a nearly equal ratio of trail running to open ground, it’s easy to lose your orientation. When in doubt, keep your eye on the course marking and pick up the pace. 

4) Fight for height 

We hope you trained to run hills. A lot of hills.

5) A Well Balanced Breakfast

Knowing your legs will be burning from all that climbing, we threw in some of our toughest upper body challenges to balance things out. Embrace the pain - we’ve rounded things out so your entire body can hurt equally. 

6) Brand New Course Features

The Capitol region course is a testing ground for multiple brand-new course features, designed specifically for the rugged challenge Mudders face at this event. We’ve tried a new spin on some Tough Mudder classics, and brought in a few completely fresh ideas to test your grit, stamina, strength, and endurance. 

7) Keep Your Feet Under You

Watch your step in this challenge. Nestled in the slate-filled hills of West Virginia, you’ll be scrambling up rocky faces, dodging deep ruts, and carrying a chunk of rock of your own if you’re a legionnaire. Better keep your wits about you, or you could be part of a rockslide. 

8) Long range 

The Capitol Region course runs deep into this West Virginia venue, so deep, in fact, that at the far side of the route, participants run on Virginia soil. If you’re used to running a familiar path, or sticking close to home, picture this as an opportunity for growth. The challenge only gets tougher the further you go. 

9) Short range

Tough Mudder Capitol is about endurance, but it also keeps Mudders on their toes with challenges that make them flex some of that fast-twitch muscle. Consider this your warning that to finish this challenge, you’ll have to stay light on your toes and be ready to move quickly. 

10) A never before seen obstacle for legionnaires 

At the end of the course route, Legionnaires will take on a never-before seen obstacle, straight from the Tough Mudder obstacle innovation lab. The last in a long series of grueling challenges, this final test will try Mudder’s strength and coordination in a way it’s never been tried before.