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2015 World's Toughest Mudder Competition Spotlight

By Brady Archer | 12. November 2015


Saturday at 2pm in Las Vegas cannot come soon enough.  Here at TMHQ, we have spent the last 12 months planning what we feel is the best WTM course to date.  With year 5 of WTM upon us, we were able to take all of the learnings from the first 4 events, and create the most challenging and well-rounded event you have seen to date.  This course will test every facet of the competitors skill set, both mental and physical.



WTM will feature perennial favorite obstacles such as Mud Mile, Everest and King of the Swingers.  It will also feature new innovation obstacles, such as Roll the Dice, Tramp Stamp, Royal Flush, and Gut Buster.   And, no WTM course would be complete without a smattering of completely over the top WTM only obstacles.  This year will have no shortage of those, with exclusive obstacles such as the tiring slog that is Whale’s Turd, a new iteration of Funky Monkey - Grease Monkey, the electrifying game of Operation, and the most talked about obstacle in OCR, The Cliff.  

This year The Cliff gets even more terrifying.  Previously, the obstacle was only open during daylight hours, but this year it will open at midnight and remain open through the duration of the event.  The idea of jumping off a 35’ platform in full daylight is scary, but The Cliff at night is nothing short of terrifying.  


The competition for top honors in 2015 should be one of the fiercest WTM has seen to date.  With every previous male and female champion returning, the stage is set for a showdown.  

Previous female winners Juliana Sproles, Deanna Blegg and Amelia Boone will all be gunning for one another to take home the top prize.  Sproles won the inaugural WTM female competition in 2011.  A bitter cold Mid-December race, she brought home the title with 48 miles, besting Boone by 1 lap (8 miles).  In 2012, Boone came back for revenge and put up the most impressive female performance to date finishing with 90 miles, taking home the female category win and 2nd place overall.  Finishing in 3rd place overall in 2012, with a total of 80 miles was newcomer Deanna Blegg.  In 2013, Sproles returned but joined the team competition, and Boone was knocked out shortly before the event with an injury.  This left the door wide open for Blegg, who won the female competition with 85 miles.  2014 saw the return of Boone, the absence of Sproles, and Blegg’s first shot at the team competition.   Boone took advantage of the situation and took home her second women’s title with a winning mileage of 75 miles.  

In the male category, only two men have ever stood atop the WTM podium, Junyong Pak and Ryan Atkins, both of whom are returning.  Pak was the male winner for the 1st and 2nd WTM competitions.  In 2011, he fought off fierce competition to take home top honors with 56 miles.  The following year he defended his title and again walked away with victory after putting up an impressive 90 miles.  As the event began in 2013, Pak was the clear favorite after winning the previous two events.  He led through a good portion of the event, and was the first competitor to reach 95 miles.  However, a dark horse came from behind with little time to spare to edge out Pak for the win.  That dark horse was Ryan Atkins, putting up the first and only 100 mile performance in WTM history.  Atkins and Pak returned in 2014 for another shot at one another.  For the second year in a row, Atkins had the edge, taking home back to back titles, and standing atop the podium after putting up 95 miles.  


The biggest twist for 2015 is the addition of a $100,000 team competition prize.  If a team manages to reach 100 miles in the WTM 2015 team completion they will walk home with an extra $100,000 bonus prize.  Given the new prize, top competitor Ryan Atkins has decided to take a shot at the team title as a member of team Sinergy Sports.  Joining him will be Jonathon Albon, Matt Murphy and Eric Batty, all first time WTM competitors.  Facing off with Atkins and Co. will be defending team champions Wolfpack Spartan Team.  Last year they edged out Team Under Armour Australia to win with a total of 75 miles.  Wolfpack admitted that they underestimated the demands of WTM last year, and vowed to come back even more prepared in 2015.  They have the advantage of being a returning team, whereas ¾ of Atkins’ team has never set foot on a WTM course.  With $100k in play, the team race will be the one to keep an eye on this year.  


The stage is set for an edge-of-your-seat ride in 2015.  Will Boone, Blegg or Sproles take home the female title again?  Can Pak rebound from the last two years to stand back atop to podium?  Can Team Wolpack defend their title, or will Sinergy Sports live up to the hype and take the team prize?  After four years of WTM, there are plenty of other names that have come up just short of the win, and many of them are returning for another shot at it in 2015.  The champions are back, the dark horses are lurking, the course is ready, and Mother Nature is itching to have a say in how it all goes down after unleashing a brutal sand storm in 2014.  No matter what happens, WTM 2015 is going to be thrilling to watch. Tune into the World's Toughest Mudder live coverage page starting at 10am PST on November 14 to watch all of the action.