5 of the Greatest Teams of All Time

By Jonathan Roy | 05. August 2016


What does it take to make a legendary team? Friendship? Sacrifice? Matching leather jackets?  These 5 teams have all of that and more. That's why they are without a doubt the greatest teams of all time.  Go ahead, try not to get inspired – we dare you.

5. The Jamaican Bobsled Team from 'Cool Runnings'

This team of lovable misfits wouldn't let anything get in their way. Not a washed up John Candy, not lack of money or equipment, and especially not those corny nerds from the Swiss team. Did they crash at the end? Yup. Did they get back up and carry that sled across the finish like a true team? Hell yes they did. And they looked good doing it.

4. 10,000 Volts and Nerve Endings

This is just a classic pairing of two things that were meant to be together. When those wires finally meet up with your skin, the two of them make sweet, sweet music. They'll have you jumping for sure...or falling. Yeah, probably falling.

3. Rocky and Adonis Johnson from 'Creed'

In his illustrious career Rocky defeated Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago and Tommy Gunn. He also might've single-handedly ended the Cold War. However, he wasn't really feeling old age. That is, until 'Donnie' showed up and started punching people's faces off. When these two knuckleheads teamed up magic happened. Adonis used Rock's wisdom to punch even more people's faces off and Rock found a new zest for life.

2. 1980 Men's Olympic Hockey Team - The "Miracle on Ice"

"Bieber SMASHES The Rock in a cage match!!" Ok maybe that didn't happen, but in the 1980 Winter Olympics this group of underdogs beat the unstoppable colossus that was the Russian National Hockey team in an upset of the same magnitude.

1. The Global Tribe that is Mudder Nation

Of course, there is only one team that beats all of these out for the absolute top of the list, and once you step across that start line you become a part of it - Mudder Nation. No team exhibits the kind of grit, determination and heart that you do - not even close.

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