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5 Tips for Getting Through Tough Mudder’s ‘Cry Baby’

By Matt Alesevich | 24. March 2015


While every Tough Mudder course has a “no whining” policy, this year, we have no choice but to be a little lax on this rule. The reason? Cry Baby-- Tough Mudder’s latest tearjerker of an obstacle that stirred up a media frenzy earlier this year.

An enclosed structure filled with a (safe) tear gas-like concoction brewed by our mad-minded course team, Cry Baby will have your eyes flowing with tears of, um, laughter--yeah, laughter.

So to best prepare you for all the tears of joy in your future, we’ve put together our top tips for conquering Cry Baby.

It’s all mental

Cry Baby is one of Tough Mudder’s least physically demanding obstacles. Crawling a few meters is your only physical task. What it lacks in physical exertion, however, it makes up for in mental discombobulation.

Don’t hold your breath

While we certainly get weird, we’d never invite you to crawl through actual tear gas. Breathe regularly throughout the obstacle and keep in mind any discomfort is temporary.

Take it one palm at a time

There are hazards littered throughout Cry Baby, so keep your eyes forward and your hands in front of you. It’ll be cloudy in there, but take a tip from Any Given Sunday and focus on the six inches in front of your face.

Stay low to the ground

The lower you stay to the ground, the less you’ll expose yourself to the vapor. Additionally, if you lift your head too high, you’ll hit the ceiling of the crawl space.

Watch out for others

You won’t be the only one in Cry Baby, so, even if you can’t see them, assume that people are around you. Just like during any other obstacle, communicate with others and be mindful of those who need help.

Regardless what you’ve heard on the news, remember this: Cry Baby, like a Tough Mudder course, might seem intimidating, but once you complete it, you’ll (probably) smile and realize it wasn’t so bad after all.