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6 Questions for the Mad Mind Behind Ladders of Success

By TMHQ | 09. August 2016


Daniel Hiscoke is a 3x Mudder with deep love for mud and a knack for designing obstacles. As the winner of the Extreme Obstacle Design Challenge, he may have just created the next great obstacle for 2017. We caught up with Dan to find out exactly how he dreamt up Ladders of Success, and what he's looking forward to most on his upcoming trip to The Big Apple (NYC, that is).

Have you ever run a Tough Mudder? How many? 

This weekend I ran my third full tough mudder, in Yorkshire. Which, I have to say, kicked my butt. SO many hills, it was great! I also ran the UK's first Tough Mudder Half this year.

What is your favorite Tough Mudder obstacle? 

I've really enjoyed Block Ness Monster. It's fun to watch everyone figure out how it works. I've been in waves where we're all on the same page and we're all up and over in a shot. Other times, you'll see everyone leap up to grab the block at the same time. Everest and Pyramid scheme are a close second, I’'ll often stay on those for a good 10-15 minutes. Helping other people up is even more fun than getting up it yourself.

What obstacle, if any, did you use as inspiration for "Ladders of Success"?

Honestly, I wasn't thinking of any obstacle in particular. I sketched out a few ideas around the idea of how multiple people might be needed to help one person succeed. For some reason, lifting or hoisting was the predominant thought in my mind at the time, and it just happened really.

Do you have any background or experience with design, art, or engineering? The mock up you submitted is pretty sick.

There were some very talented people in this competition and to be counted among them has made me very proud. Part of my job is design using CAD programs. I currently manage a small team of product designers, developing electrical products. I also have a degree in Consumer Product Design from Coventry University. Another of my hobbies is drawing and painting. At home, it is something I do to relax and unwind.

What advice do you have for Mudder Nation on conquering your obstacle?

Have a strong grip and train on incline monkey bars.  Be prepared to help others before you can cross, and  look behind you; Will the couple of bantam-weight long-distance runners behind you act as good ballast for you, a sturdy 90 Kilo (200lbs) body-builder.

What are you looking forward to most on your trip to NYC? 

I’m really looking forward to seeing the creative process behind the development of obstacles, especially my own design and how it’s progressing. It would be cool to get a sneak-peak at anything else you’re developing for next year too.  Also, just meeting the team in general will be great. Everyone, from the MVPs (MASSIVE shout-out to all those lovely MVPs btw) to the Site Directors have such a positive persona it’ll be impossible not to have a good time.