Celebrate International Mud Day with Adventure Seeking Fruit Shoot Mini Mudders

By TMHQ | 28. Juni 2016


International Mud Day celebrates we’re all about - MUD. And no one knows how to embrace a good run in it better than Fruit Shoot Mini Mudders.

These natural born adventurers are found around the globe and come out to participate in the muddiest 1-mile run, completing epic obstacles that encourage teamwork and camaraderie. In honor of Mini Mudders worldwide who love dirt, conquering fears, and facing challenges as much as we do, we’re dedicating International Mud Day to them.

Take a look at the many fierce faces of Mini Mudders below, and prepare to be schooled in what teamwork, adventure, and fun looks like.

Have a proud Mini Mudder at home who wants to show off their well-earned Headband? Post a picture of em using the hashtag #headbandmonday and #fruitshootminimudder on your social channel for a chance to be featured in the Mini Mudder album.

Celebrate International Mud Day with the Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder Family Bundle. Buy 2 Mini Mudder tickets and 2 Spectator tickets for $50. Check out the full event calendar HERE.