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Community, Camaraderie, and Overcoming Challenges On and Off the Course [Watch]

By Jim 'Da Goat' Campbell | 28. October 2016


You may already be familiar with Jim’s road to recovery, but we wanted to know straight from the man, the myth, and the legend himself the impact running 100+ Tough Mudder courses over 6 years has had on his life.

In October 2009 while I lying under a burning motorcycle with a broken neck, a broken pelvis, and a femur that had just been driven thru my hip, the last thing on my mind was completing a Tough Mudder. But just as everything else I’ve accomplished in my life it all had to to have a beginning, and that day on a lonely Texas Highway was mine.

Now after 6 years of attending Tough Mudder events I’ve heard many inspirational stories, all of equal importance. I have found that if these events will teach you anything, it would be humility. I have had the fortune of being athletic my whole life, but as in all things you might think you’re fast, but someone else will always be faster. You may feel you’ve overcome great adversity in life, but not until someone shares another gut wrenching story of their own.

Tough Mudder has introduced me to a whole new breed of amazing in people, from those who have amazing athletic talents, to those who hold tremendous traits of perseverance. Both amazing in their own way, and in between a myriad of people like me who have searched for an event that holds both challenge, and victory over what we’ve all learned from enduring life.The lesson I’ve taken from all this is that there resides a huge void in the populous, one filled by events that unleash the good inside all of us. That void is purpose, and the instinct is to be part of a bigger accomplishment, and one other than our own.

No place is this more prevalent than at Tough Mudder/World’s Toughest Mudder. In my 5 years attending the gruelling 24 hour race, I have witnessed the camaraderie of competition. All racers are helped by every runner on course, including those gunning for cash prizes. To me the miles logged at WTM are a solid accomplishment, but really a side note of enduring 24 hours and helping others with their goals. This fierce determination to succeed, and help others in process is what Tough Mudder personifies.

Though my event count today is monumental, it doesn’t fully embody what I have taken from each of these events. The people, the values, and commitment I’ve carried with me since that first  June day in 2011 are what I hold dear. Those things I’ve mentioned are what in turn I bring to share with me now at each event. I can think no better way to honor the event that rallied me back to health, then to spend time giving others what it was I found on that very first day at Tough Mudder.

It’s been truly an honor to have run beside so many amazing people these past 6 years and is why I have come back over 106 times. If it weren’t for all of you I would have never been here today.