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Drop and Give Us 10: The Tough Mudder Push Up Club is Baaack

By TMHQ | 01. Juni 2016


It’s baaaaaack. What, you ask? Only one of the best challenges in Tough Mudder history - the Tough Mudder Push Up Club. 

We’ve decided to breathe life back into the club to keep your Tough Mudder training in check no matter where you're at. At the office, in the lou, dinner with pals, tea for two - point is, you’ll never know when a challenge is about to strike. 

Since this is the 2.0 version, prepare for partner push ups, stacking push ups, one-arm push ups. Push ups with your pup, push ups with your team, upside down push ups, right side up push ups - you name it.

Document your superbly performed push ups (form is everything, people) using the super-easy-to-remember hashtag #TMPushUpClub n you might even end up on our social media channels. 

The challenge starts NOW (oh you thought you'd have more time to mentally prepare?). Drop and give us 10. Seriously. Go. Now. #NoExcuses