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Get Ready for Tough Mudder Alberta...

By TMHQ | 04. September 2014


Alberta Mudders,

Have you ever ran on the dark side of the moon? Lucky for you, our Tough Mudder Alberta course looks something like that.

We've got quite a course planned for you, look out for these highlights:

1. Your epic journey begins in front of a crowd on the Stampede Horse Track. They'll get to laugh at you as your clothes get caught crawling through Kiss of Mud.

2. You'll get a chance to rev your engines through the moto-x track with some gnarly climbs and stomach turning drops.

3. Before you begin your descent into the canyon of death, you get to chill every bone in your body jumping into Arctic Enema.  

4. The Canyon of Death will be your best friend, where you'll find Mud Mile, Everest and Quagmire.

5. You're gonna want a lot of help from teammates getting you through not one, not two but three Cliffhangers.  

Take it from us, once you get to the top of Walk the Plank and take a long hard look at the spectacular view, you'll realize that it's all worth it.

You're Welcome.