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Global Mudder Is Coming. Will You Be Ready?

By Matt Alesevich | 11. August 2014


Every four years, the world’s greatest sporting bodies put on a display of athleticism that grips the globe. FIFA has the World Cup. The IOC has the Olympics. For Tough Mudder, now in its fifth year as the worldwide leader in mud-coated madness, the time to take the world stage is now.

During the weekend of August 16, Tough Mudder will host Global Mudder--a worldwide display of the Mudder spirit so great you need four countries to host it.

So just what is Global Mudder? We thought you'd ask, and we're here to tell you.

Global Mudder is a celebration of the Mudder spirit.

Global Mudder is a 48-hour, five-event global takeover to recognize the worldwide Mudder Nation community and the greater Tough Mudder movement at hand. Whether or not you’re running Tough Mudder Sunshine Coast (Australia), South West (UK), Toronto (Canada), Pittsburgh/Ohio Valley (USA) or Tahoe (USA), Global Mudder is a weekend to show your Mudder pride and support your Mudder brothers and sisters.

Global Mudder is a chance to win free ish for being awesome.

May the most absurd costume win. During the weekend of August 16, the most creative on-course costume, as voted by TMHQ team members, will win an exclusive pair of limited-edition Under Armour Tough Mudder athletic shoes and a gift card to the Tough Mudder Gear Shop. Open to all Mudders running Global Mudder weekend, simply upload your photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #GlobalMudder and cross your mud-caked fingers.

Global Mudder is a chance to show that we are one.

When all is said and done come Monday, August 18, over 60,000 headbands will have been distributed in just two days. To celebrate, we want you to participate in history’s biggest Wear Your Headband to Work Day. Whether you ran a Global Mudder event or not, if you own a headband, we want to see you rock it where you work it on August 18. Using #GlobalMudder, upload a photo of you at work with your headband to show that Mudders truly make the world go ‘round.

Global Mudder is a chance to put your excuses aside.

For the duration of Global Mudder, we’re getting so in the Mudder spirit of camaraderie that we’re offering every single grown up person in the universe a huge Global Mudder discount (up to 40% off) for every 2014 and 2015 Tough Mudder event for signing up from Friday, August 15 to Sunday, August 17. During these hours, you’ll have a chance to put your excuses aside, quit your moaning and sign up for a chance to make history’s most hard-earned headband yours. Whether you’re in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, or Australia - now is the time to step it up. However, there’s a limited number of tickets, so get on it. Seriously.

Want to stay up on all the latest Global Mudder news, giveaways and festivities? Stay tuned to the Tough Mudder Facebook page and the Tough Mudder Twitter feed for all the up-to-the-moment international insanity.