How Bosch Professional Power Tools Help Build Tough Mudder

By TMHQ | 27. Juni 2017


For three mud-filled years Bosch Professional Power Tools has been helping Tough Mudder build the biggest and baddest obstacle courses in the UK.

The Tough Mudder team often find themselves in remote parts of the country, battling challenging terrain and flowing mud to create the final course that Mudders enjoy so much. Thankfully Bosch Professional Power Tools are durable, versatile and have an impressivley long battery life - making them perfect for the job.

Bosch connected power tools

In 2017 Bosch Professional Power Tools have somehow got even better - launching brand new innovative technology in the form of connected power tools. What does this mean in English? Basically, each Bosch connected tool contains a compact connectivity module which establishes a Bluetooth connection between the tool and the user's smartphone, using the free Bosch Toolbox app and enabling a two-way connection. 

This connectivity allows the TMHQ construction team to remotely apply or adjust the configuration of tools for particular tasks via their smartphone, plus the system remembers their preferences for future reference and with wireless connection they don't even need to be near the tool.

The app also communicates important information about the condition of the tool and it's operating history. It will warn the user if the tool is overheating, or if there is a problem with the motor, battery or connection ensuring the safety and efficiency of the construction team.

Bosch basecamp at Tough Mudder

Head over to the Bosch basecamp in Mudder Village to find out more about this brand new technology at your next Tough Mudder event. Plus you can decide whether you are a Neandertool or Millennitool and pose with your teammates for a free photo and be in with the chance of winning a Withings Activité Steel activity tracker smartwatch by taking part in the Bosch Simply Connected Challenge.