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How We're Putting the "Great" in Tough Mudder Great Northeast

By TMHQ | 21. August 2014


The Tough Mudder Operations team on the ground is loving every minute here in Maine, and, amidst all the fun, we thought we’d each share a reason or two as to why we named this week’s event the Great Northeast.

The Obstacles

This Maine course is hard. No seriously, it’s wicked hard. We hit ledge rock everywhere we attempted to excavate, so we were left with two choices. One: Build a mediocre course. Two: Make the obstacles tougher. Obviously, we chose option two. Check out the above-ground Walk the Plank coming your way.

Johnny Little, Construction Manager

The Course

This week, my crew and I tossed the pennant flags and wooden stakes to the side and brought out the chainsaws and weed whackers. Little did we know that the venue should be called Sunset Ridge Golf Links...and National Forest. After some blood and sweat (no tears, thankfully), all you Mudders will get to run through tall trees and brand new trails. If you feel like you’re too tired to make it through the woods, think of me and the weed whacker.

Kevin Ellis, Course Manager

The Food

Maine has destroyed all hopes of us enjoying another event full of burgers, fries and other normal food. This week we have feasted like kings. To paint you a picture, I will describe our diets in haiku form:

Lobster everything
Can I have more lobster please?
Get in my belly

Jen Mizono, Operations Supervisor, Front of House

The Team

It’s tough to be on the road for a month straight, but fortunately, I’m in good company. The Tough Mudder Great Northeast team has been taking all opportunities to enjoy everything Maine has to offer and turn work into play. We’ve been kayaking, wild mushroom picking, and Johnny “Iron Man” Little has been riding his bike on the deck watching the sunrise each morning (can’t slack on training)!

Ryan Alt, Operations Supervisor, Field of Play

That said. We look forward to seeing you all out on the course this weekend. And when the going gets tough, just remember Kevin Ellis with a weed whacker.