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Increase Your Confidence with These Three Power Poses

By Matt Alesevich | 02. April 2015


Before running a big event like Tough Mudder, we look for ways to pump ourselves up. We might dust off our power rock album, look to mentors for words of wisdom or continuously loop the Rocky-Ivan Drago fight (spoiler alert - Rocky wins). But what if instead of looking outside of us, we started looking inside of us for confidence and self-assurance?

According to psychologists, power posing, or purposely taking up physical space with your body, for just a few minutes, can boost your body’s confidence-inducing testosterone and lower it’s cortisol--a stress-causing hormone. Let’s look at three common power poses to try out the next time you’re looking for an edge.

The #$%& Yeah

While this pose is genuine, studies suggest “faking it ‘til you make it,” and holding this pose for a few minutes, will give you a mental boost.

The Super Hero

The next time you catch yourself reaching your hands in your pockets, take them out and put them on your hips. Remember: the more space you take up, the better.

Sitting Pretty

Power poses are equally as effective sitting down. Whether you’re in the office or in the back seat on your way to an event, you can still get your power fix.

While high power poses can boost your confidence, keep in mind that low power poses, one’s which cause your body to shrink in size and shape, have the inverse effect. So next time nerves come creeping up your spine at the startline, remember that size matters and strike a pose.


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