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It’s a Wrap: 7 Stars Who Earned Their Headbands at Tough Mudder Los Angeles

By TMHQ | 02. April 2015


Nearly 10,000 participants took on our Redefined obstacles at Tough Mudder Los Angeles 2015. Among them were several celebrities who signed up to test their own strength and mental grit. If you found yourself thinking “where do I know them from?” while helping someone over an obstacle, here are your answers.

Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas

Brendon and Rachel are no strangers to a challenge -- they honed their teamwork skills on two seasons each of both Big Brother and The Amazing Race, which was a pretty decent start to their Tough Mudder training. “Brenchel” and team made it all 10.2 miles to the finish line, and we have a feeling this won’t be their last Tough Mudder. (For those who were wondering: Rachel confirmed that Tough Mudder Los Angeles was “way harder than The Amazing Race.”).


Kiowa Gordon

Kiowa stars in The Red Road, a gripping thriller that takes us on an unexpected journey to a deep, dark world where a local murder is just the tip of the iceberg. (You might also recognize him from the Twilight movies -- don’t worry, we won’t tell.) On The Red Road, each character faces an ordeal -- physically and mentally -- that can change the course of their future. Maybe it was character research, maybe it was method acting, but Kiowa was right at home throughout the ordeal of the Tough Mudder LA course, conquering each obstacle like a pro. Now, he’s a member of Mudder Nation. Support your fellow Mudder -- catch the Season 2 premiere of The Red Road tonight at 10/9c on SundanceTV. The Red Road airs every Thursday 10/9c on SundanceTV.

Jennifer Veal & Dennis Roady

One of the many reasons participants complete a Tough Mudder is to raise money for a cause that’s important to them. At Tough Mudder Los Angeles, YouTube stars Jennifer Veal and Dennis Roady and their team from Collective Digital Studio came out to raise money for Oasis of Hollywood, a non profit that fosters positive relationships and achievements for inner city youth. It wasn’t easy, but over 30 participants on their team earned their first headbands this weekend, and they did it together.

James Maslow

As a member of boy band Big Time Rush, James has had plenty of practice at working as a team -- and he definitely needed physical and mental grit to get through a season of Dancing with the Stars. But it turns out dancing isn’t the only exercise he’s been getting -- James is a big fan of fitness and outdoor activities, so Tough Mudder was the right amount of challenging and fun for him. James and his team came out to Tough Mudder Los Angeles to earn their headbands, toughen up, work together and finish with a celebratory ShockTop.

Amelia Boone

Bonus: You’ve seen her on TV on commercials for Oberto, the nation’s leading all-natural jerky brand, but she’s no new face -- Amelia is a two-time World’s Toughest Mudder winner. With her joining us again at the start of our 2015 season, we’re already beginning to speculate whether she’ll be at WTM in Vegas again this year. Amelia may be a Tough Mudder Legionnaire, but she faced many new challenges on course at LA. Her favorite obstacle from the weekend? Our new-for-2015 King of the Swingers.