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July’s 6 Most Epic Mud Obstacle Course Photos from Around the World

By Matt Alesevich | 31. Juli 2014


July was a sizzling summer month of international celebrations and surprises. America turned 238. Joey Chestnut devoured 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Brazil lost a World Cup six goals. And the worldwide fanfare surrounding Britain’s Commonwealth Games was at an absolute fever pitch.

Well maybe not the last part, but let’s face it--July kicked ass. And nowhere was that more apparent than on Tough Mudder courses, which shocked and soaked tens of thousands of Mudders across four countries.

From the rough and rugged roads of the UK to the (literal) Tall Pines of Upstate New York; the calf-crushing hills of Quebec to a futbol-frenzied Berlin, July was a reminder that the Mudder spirit shines the world over.

And to honor you for making July 2014 one of Tough Mudder’s most epic months, we’re bringing you the most memorable mud-coated memories of the last 30 days.

Twin City Splash

Minneapolis/St. Paul Legionnaires brace themselves for a water landing after being shot off the Fire in the Hole obstacle.

No Excuses

A Mudder Legionnaire is all smiles as he tucks away his crutches in between obstacles at Tough Mudder Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The Empire State

An Upstate New York Mudder embodies the ominous challenges to come at the start line at Tall Pines ATV Park.

Ponzi Pile-on

Montreal Mudders celebrate getting their entire team up Everest--Tough Mudder’s signature obstacle.

Back to Reality

A UK Midlands Mudder resumes daddy duty after a finish line shower in Kettering, United Kingdom.

Deutschland Dash

Germany’s Tough Mudder emcee hoists a German-flagged shield before the start of Tough Mudder Berlin-Brandenburg.

Think July was an international takeover? Just wait for August. In just two days, August 16 and 17 alone, we’ll be invading five cities in four countries.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.