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Look Who Is Celebrating Wear Your Headband to Work Day

By Matt Alesevich | 22. Juni 2015


In case you’re new to the party, every Monday after a Tough Mudder event weekend is an official Wear Your Headband to Work Day, aka Headband Monday. 

Like these Mudders did, keep the adrenaline-pumping positive energy flowing by rocking your orange in the place you make that green. Then take a photo and upload it to Tough Mudder's Facebook page using #HeadbandMonday for a chance to be featured on our blog.

Matt Caddell

This two-time Mudder takes a break from cooking for former-First Lady Barbara Bush’s 90th birthday party (no, we’re not making this up) to snap this selfie.

Kai Madden

This familiar face, who runs Mudders in a bear suit to raise money and awareness for Animals Asia, a charity that protects bears in China and Vietnam from inhumane treatment, takes in some caffeine to boost his contagious energy.

Samantha Santorello

After conquering Tough Mudder New England, one of the most challenging Mudder courses in the world, this Mudder gets right back to life saving with a smile.

Rob Roman

All of Rob’s Willimantic, Connecticut listeners get to hear about Rob’s Tough Mudder New antics during his radio show on i98.3.

Robert D. Newman & Friends

Rob and his crew from Cleveland Bridge Builders, a leadership group in northern Ohio, love Headband Mondays so much they awkwardly slid down this slid down this slide to bring us this gem.

Tough Pugger

The mascot of Team Tough Pugger doesn’t work on Mondays, but he makes the cut for being here to make you feel about about your work week.

Now its your turn. To get in on the Wear Your Headband to Work Day action, upload a photo to the Tough Mudder Facebook page using the hashtag #HeadbandMondays.