May’s Top 5 Mud Run Photos

By Matt Alesevich | 28. May 2014


This month, there’s little doubt Mudders put the May in mayhem. From the sunshine of Central Texas to the side-winding trails of Topeka; midway madness in Chicago to one of the muddiest Mudders in history in Ohio, a brave new wave of Mudders was initiated into Mudder Legion.

And in honor of your efforts, we’ve combed through thousands of photos in our eight May photo albums to bring you this month’s most awesome mud-coated memories.

Here are five of our favorites:

1. Fire in the Hole 

May 4th: A Kansas Mudder is launched from the 20-foot high Fire In Your Hole obstacle, Tough Mudder’s newest fire-meets-water obstacle.

2. Mudder Ready 

May 4th: Sporting his signature event day look, Mudder Brian Muttee salutes the flag during the National Anthem at Tough Mudder Central Texas.

3. Tough Love 

May 11th: Mudder Mike Frye proposes to his girlfriend, Amber, before Tough Mudder Chicago’s final obstacle, Electroshock Therapy.

4. A Mudder Nutcase 

May 17th: Donning his signature squirrel mask, Mudder PJ Jaegersen navigates the Mud Mile obstacle at Tough Mudder Ohio.

5. Heart of Orange 

May 18th: Volunteer Ginet Jensen gives a motivating hug to an Ohio Mudder. In an attempt to keep a personal tally of hugs given, Ginet lost count at 600.

If you’ve snapped some badass photos on our course, we wanna see ‘em. Upload your toughest pics on our Tough Photos forum.