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By TMHQ | 08. January 2016


Throughout January, we're introducing 2016's Tough Mudder Ambassadors (who also happen to be some of the most kick ass and inspiring people around the globe). Read on to find out why mud holds a special place in the hearts on Niall, Sonya, Luigi, and John. 

Mudder: Niall Fraiser
Age: 34
Origin: Calderwood, East Kilbride, UK
Legionnaire Status: 5 Tough Mudders
Instagram: evoneo32i

One of the best things about Tough Mudder is the excitement you get as the weeks and days get closer to the event. Team members tagging each other while training to add to the motivation. Then, after all the preparation it's event time. The team unites as one and we bring our A-game, working together through 10+ miles with one kick ass.

After I completed one Tough Mudder I was hooked. The sense of pride I get when I introduce someone new to the ever expanding #ExtremeStrikeTeam and help get them to the finish line is as rewarding as crossing the finish line myself.

Why would I want to do anything else on a weekend off work?


Mudder: Sonya Goodwin
Age: 40
Origin: Cholsey, Oxfordshire, UK
Legionnaire Status: 29 Tough Mudders, 32 Laps
Twitter: momatwoboys

New to OCR, my first event was Tough Mudder UK North West in November 2012. It was cold and we had to break through surface ice to get into Arctic Enema. I discovered fears I didn’t know I had, but also that I could overcome them. I knew I’d do another Tough Mudder, I never expected that it would become such a huge part of my life. I never thought I’d run multiple laps, lift people double my bodyweight or help so many Mudders overcome their fears and conquer obstacles.

Mudder: Luigi Pascus
Age: 26
Origin: Everett, Massachusetts, US
Legionnaire Status: 28 Tough Mudders + 2 World’s Toughest Mudders
Instagram: Luigipascua

Tough Mudder is more than a race it is the challenge that changed my life. It helped to fuel the drive for my weight loss that turned me from a 400+ pound guy to a two time World’s Toughest Mudder finisher and 28-time Tough Mudder. I discovered Tough Mudder when a friend challenged me to join him in the inaugural Tough Mudder race held in Las Vegas in 2012 and I never looked back. I became hooked on the challenge and camaraderie Tough Mudder brought. Training for my first event was grueling as I thought about how massive of a challenge the 10 plus mile course was going to be with its crazy obstacles like Arctic Enema and Electroshock, but the high from the finish line made it all worth it.


Mudder: John Thoel
Age: 26
Origin: Pontiac, Michigan, US
Legionnaire Status: 8 Tough Mudders + 3 planned for 2016
Instagram + Twitter: jmthoel

My personal story has changed a lot since I began my Mudder journey. When I first started, it was to prove to myself that I could push past other people's doubts and beyond my physical boundaries. I did these challenges to overcome my fears and personal struggles. As my journey progressed, I began to see that Tough Mudder is about so much more. I started to run for all of those who aren't able to compete, physically or financially. I run for the feeling you get when you raise others up when they need a helping hand. I run for the feeling of pride knowing that you helped someone overcome a difficult challenge. I run for the teamwork and camaraderie that only Mudders understand and share throughout these events. Tough Mudder is a life changing experience that I hope to continue sharing with new people every day.

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