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Meet the Best Friends Gang - Twin Cities' crew on the ground

By TMHQ | 17. Juli 2014

Bring up the Twin Cities to anyone in America, and you'll hear the same old things mentioned: BBQ, jazz music, the Ocean. [Or not].
Well, starting this weekend, the list is going to get a little longer after a Tough Mudder so tough and muddy, it'll be unreasonable. Damn unreasonable. Don't believe us? Here's a mid-week check-in on the men who designed and built your Tough Mudder course.
Presenting the week of Brendan Q. and the Best Friends Gang.
Monday Morning
The boys gather bright and early, excited for a new week.  Why is it so, so cold? Also, are we in Canada?
Monday Afternoon
The Best Friends Gang discover an abandoned castle in the forest. After a swift conquering, everyone claims the role of his favorite Game of Thrones character. Everyone is Robb Stark.
Tuesday Morning
For no reason, Pete poses on top of Balls to the Wall with a chainsaw. His pay is docked and his phone is confiscated.
Tuesday Lunchtime
We find where the hell Frank was hiding since Monday morning.
Tuesday One Hour After Lunchtime
Frank is punished.
Tuesday Morning
The Best Friends Gang busts out the pontoon (The SS Robb Stark) to mark Legionnaires' Loop. 
Wednesday Morning
BQ tries to prove his bravery in front of the Gang by touching a horse. The horse flinches slightly and BQ freaks.
Wednesday Afternoon
Frank is still being punished. Look how alone he is. I hate him.
Thursday Morning
We bottom out the RZR and get a quick Instagram pic out of it. Day over.
The rest, as they say, is history. Wrapping up today and tomorrow, and getting ready for a hell of a weekend. MSP Mudders - you best come prepared. See you in the MUD.
Written by Brendan Quinn