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Meet BQ and the Best Friends Gang, Builders of Tough Mudder Michigan

By Brendan Quinn | 18. September 2014


Ever since wrapping up in Wisconsin, BQ and the Best Friends Gang have been hard at work setting up Tough Mudder Michigan.

Since we’re the best in the biz, you may ask yourself how the Best Friends Gang handles the task of packing so much nonsense and badassery into one innocent piece of land.

Alright, Michigan. Here’s your answer, in chronological order.


6:00- I’m not getting up. This job is garbage and each of you is a wicked monster.

7:00- I have the best job ever.  Forget Coffee.  Caffeine is an addiction.  Life starts my morning.

7:15- Coffee break.

8:00- Whoa, Paddy is here.  Paddy does Tough Mudder events in the southern US, where many locals regard him as less a man and more some type of wolverine.  Fun fact: Paddy was not invited to be here!

8:15- Shawn takes an artistic picture inside the lull.  He mustn't be trusted.  Shawn is removed from site.

10:32- Mark’s here, too.  Mark used to work for Tough Mudder until he went crazy.  He’s likely better now.

11:11- BQ makes the Best Friends Gang all wear Mickey hats and stand in an unsmiling tableau. Why? Because he can.

12:34pm- Phil is hard at work.

12:45pm- Lunchtime!

1:20pm- The Muddership travels from event to event, providing TMHQ with satellite uplink for onsite sales and registration scanners.  It’s also a convenient place to scream sob during the week.

The stresses of leadership are too much for Barry.  Time for a good scream sob.   

2:34pm- Wow.  Over an hour.  Damn, Barry.

2:37pm-  Yeah, maybe you should drink some water.  Maybe sit for a while.

2:45pm- The Best Friends Gang head back out on course to avoid comforting Barry.

4:16pm- We did a thing like in Game of Thrones where they made the dragons come alive, except it made a horrifying new Tough Mudder obstacle.

7:00pm- The day is over, and the gang poses for one last group photo.  

Also, Phil got arrested- he did not own that horse.

There it is Michigan- a peek into the lives of your Tough Mudder creators.   This weekend, when you’re running long miles or scrambling through the mud, please remember that we aren’t crazy, we’re just humble craftsmen.

And we work for tips.