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Meet the Tough Mudder Volunteer Who Wears TM on Much More Than His Sleeve

By TMHQ | 01. September 2015


Over two million Mudders have crossed our finished line, and chances are, wherever you live, you’ve passed a few without even knowing it.

If you’ve crossed paths with Texas’s Brian “McMudderton” Muttee, however, you’d know for certain he’s a Mudder, as Brian wears Tough Mudder on more than just his sleeve.

A 15-time Mudder and 2015 World’s Toughest Mudder contestant who’s been a TM volunteer since 2011, Brian reached Tough Mudder Facebook fame recently when a post of him as “hatman” reached just under one million fans in a day.

To bring hatman’s true identity to the world and honor him for his years of volunteering, here are some weirdly awesome photos of Brian showing off his Mudder pride.

Shock Value

Brian dressed as Electroshock Therapy for a Halloween party in Austin, Texas.

The Muddermobile

Brian’s Muddermobile is covered in TM decals and features a personalized license plate.

Tough Tat

A Tough Mudder logo is tattooed on Brian’s calf.

Mudder Mural

Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin features some of Brian’s art work.

Finisher Photobooth 

At an event in Dripping Springs, Texas, Brian shows off his homemade Electroshock Therapy photobooth.

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