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Meet Your Tough Mudder Wisconsin Course Builders

By TMHQ | 04. September 2014


Scouting, designing and setting up Tough Mudder courses is hard work.

And building Tough Mudder Wisconsin at our new Road America venue has been damn hard work. So who are the men, the hearty, wolf-battling men who create such Tough Mudder courses? Glad you asked. Meet BQ and the Best Friends Gang.


Pete hails from Chicago, where he is close personal friends with neither Barack Obama nor Oprah. Pete isn’t allowed to use a chainsaw ever since the unpleasantness in Minneapolis.

Pete’s favorite obstacle is Funky Monkey. “Because the people are like monkeys when they use it haha.”


Mike is a recovering ninja who kills his dinner and cooks it in Fire In Your Hole.

Most embarrassing moment on site? “When I decided to shave mid-week, and BQ declared me unfit to wield a mallet. And then the guys threw rocks at me.”


Luke exists.  


Phil is Luke’s less clumsy cousin. He could end you with just a glare.  


Clint was once insane but swears he’s better now. He’s probably lying and thus perfect for crafting Tough Mudder courses.

Most unspeakable thing you’ve done on site? “That thing I did today.  In Wisconsin.  On the course. It can never be undone.”


Our majestic chariot. You can’t handle her.


BQ is the elusive, mysterious leader of the Best Friends Gang.  He claims to be an Army veteran but is more likely just an avid fan of “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”   Don’t touch his horse mask.

So there you have it, Wisconsin Mudders.  BQ and The Best Friends Gang.

And when you’re at Road America this weekend, climbing, crawling, and covered with sweat and mud, you might hear Olivia’s roar and see one of us glide on by.  “That’s them!”  You’ll say.

Please leave us be.  We’re busy.  And crazy.

See you on course, Wisconsin.