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Mud Mile like You've Never Seen Her - Tough Mudder Portland 2014

By Brady Archer | 07. August 2014

From the field of Tough Mudder Portland.
This morning our team decided to test out one of the most epic Mud Miles Tough Mudder has ever built. Prepare to bring everything you’ve got to conquer this obstacle.
It is only 50 yards long, but it took our team of 7 guys a full 10 minutes to get through. You're gonna need all of Mudder Nation to get you through this one. Whether you're with your team, or you find Mudders to become your team, this is gonna be a doozy. 
We dug the pits 7 feet deep and then backfilled a foot of fresh dirt to create some of the stickiest, muckiest, shoe sucking mud we could conjure up. Be sure to lace up those kicks extra tight, or you will be running the rest of the course barefoot. Big Mudder loves when you donate your shoes to her obstacles.
Make sure to tell your spectators to head over to Mud Mile to get some extra muddy shots of you and your team overcoming this challenge.
See you in the mud,
Brady Archer