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No One Likes a Tease, But How About a Taste - WTM Elevation and Pit Maps Are Here

By TMHQ | 27. October 2015


World’s Toughest Mudders, listen up. The most hellish (or best) 24 hours of your life are just around the corner. With a course unlike anything we’ve created before, digging deep will be a must. Before we release pieces of the course map, chew on these never-before-seen game changers.

Base Area

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this map - it’s more than a place to drop your stuff. We brought the start and finish line closer together, making your base camp location crucial.  Why? Refueling without having to divert off course is going to save you TONS of time, and with $100,000 on the line, strategy is everything.

Loading In

This year, you’ll be loading in based on how many lifetime WTM miles you’ve logged. Click here for more details.

Elevation Map

The 2015 World’s Toughest Mudder course is again, 5 miles. Get ready for 840 feet in elevation changes to hit you on the backend of the course instead of the front, not once, but twice. Pacing yourself will be key in making it to 100 miles.

Interested in running? Learn more about the 2015 World's Toughest Mudder event here.