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One Tough Mother Inspires With Her Can Do Attitude

By TMHQ | 15. December 2015


A self-described mom, wife, teacher and adrenaline junkie, Kirby Smith is a force to be reckoned with. She prides herself on being a stubborn, independent, strong woman. Looking for a way to get in shape and stay motivated, she formed a small fitness group with co-workers. After a few months of sweat sessions, she was ready for her next challenge and pitched the idea of running a Tough Mudder to the crew. All but one told her she was crazy, and it was in that moment she knew she had to prove them all wrong.

Her attitude is one of the many reasons why Ziploc® brand formed Team Tough Mother made of national and local influencers who participated in Tough Mudder events to honor tough mothers, just like Kirby, around the globe.

Have you always been into health and fitness?

That’s the most shocking part! I am NOT a runner. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I am a Tough Mudder pretty much solely because I am stubborn, love a challenge, and can't stand when people tell me what I can't do. Watch me.

Aside from proving people wrong, why else subject yourself to 10 miles of muddy obstacles?

I want to be a strong example for my [two year old] son, Cullen. I want to show him that you CAN do anything you put your mind to if you work hard for it and prepare. Not to let fear and other people's negativity stop you from doing something you want to do.


How did you train for the event?

I continued to meet with my group, pushed myself harder, and brought Cullen on runs with me in the jogging stroller - he loved it. He watched his dad and I do our workouts to get ready for the event and often ended workouts with Cullen on the pull-up bar right alongside us (with assistance of course). It showed me he is watching, and learning, and that we are making an impression.

What was event day like for you?

The day of our run was.... challenging. We ran it in the summer. It was 98 degrees. A mile in I thought I was going to pass out. I had trained. I thought I was ready. NOTHING could prepare me for the heat. But I told myself I WAS BETTER THAN THIS. I pressed on.

How did you feel after crossing the finish line?

Funny how ALL the pain goes away after you cross that line. It was all worth it. I am pregnant with our second son, so my Mudder days are on hold for a bit, but don't worry - as Arnold once said, “I'll be back!" Tough Mudder Half  will be the best way to ease me back into my Mudder glory post-baby.

In 2015, Ziploc® brand bags with Easy Open Tabs were available at every Tough Mudder bag drop making it easy for participants to could store their gear during and after each event. Ziploc® brand also created a video that champions tough mothers’ everyday victories. Visit the Ziploc® brand Facebook page too see more ways Ziploc® brand makes mothers’ life easier every day.