Running Solo? 5 Tips for Tough Mudders Without a Squad

By TMHQ | 01. August 2019


Sponsored by FIT KITCHEN®.

Whether your usual team is sitting this one out or you’re new to Mudder Nation and don’t yet have a crew, running solo is no reason to panic. Follow these training and event day tips to crush it while going stag.

1. Make a plan and stick to it.

You’ve clearly got grityou decided to run a Tough Mudder solo! But even the toughest can find it hard to stay motivated when training alone. Without a training partner or team, it’s more important than ever to set up a calendar with workout plans and goals. Be specific: We’re talking days, times, distances, and reps for every mile, squat, and pull-up. Write it up, chart it out, journal about it, and track those PRs. It’ll create the encouragement you need to stay on track, push hard, and get to the next level on your own.

2. Fuel your body right. 

Build strong muscles and increase stamina on course by eating right during training. Protein-heavy meals with lean chicken and fish and snacks of nuts or other legumes (carrot sticks with hummus, anyone?) will give you the fuel you need. 

Need to cook protein-packed meals for one? Stock up on Fit Kitchen Protein Bowls as a simple and yummy way to eat high protein meals solo. The bowls come in Teriyaki Chicken, Beef with Broccoli, Cali Chicken and more, and are a powerfully good combo of nutritious and delicious.

3. Create your own accountability system.

Getting up extra early to fit in training before work or propelling yourself to work out after a long day at the office is super hard when you’re doing it solo. So, what will motivate you? Here’s where being your own accountability partner is actually a good thing: You know what will get you going more than anyone else. So whether it’s rewarding yourself with new workout gear when you check off every rep or launching yourself out of bed for that 5 a.m. trail run by scheduling an embarrassing Instagram post that you’ve got to be awake to cancel, set up systems that you can’t ignore.

4. Join an online Mudders group.

Find other solo runnersor even teamsbefore event day by locating other Tough Mudders online. Whether in your local area or not, connecting with people who are going through the same training, fueling, and course prep that you are is a great way to be a part of Mudder Nation whether you have a squad or not. Plus, you can ask and share info to make event day even more epic.

5. Sign up for the Solo Runner Wave powered by Fit Kitchen.

This year is the first year of Tough Mudder’s Solo Runner Wave powered by Fit Kitchen. Made up entirely of Mudders like you who are tackling the course alone, this wave of lone wolves will form its own muddy pack to test its toughness together. All you’ve got to do is register, follow the instructions to “Join a Team,” search for “Solo Runners” and choose your event type and day.

Whether you’re registered for the Solo Runner Wave or not, don’t forget to identify yourself as a solo runner on event day to get a special Solo Runner sticker so you and your brethren can find each other at the start line. The more the muddier!

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