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The Story Behind The Incredible Father-Son Everest Video

By TMHQ | 17. May 2017


UPDATE - Josh and his Dad meet Ellen DeGeneres

Josh's story has continued to inspire and interest people from all over the world, so much so that it has even come to the attention of beloved US TV host Ellen DeGeneres. This week Josh and his Dad Neil appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about that incredible video and his ambition to take part in The Paralympic Games. 

The show aired on the 2nd of January in the US, you can watch a clip of the interview on Ellen's page here.

An update on Josh's story

No one who watched the inspiring video of Josh and his father Neil taking on Everest, could deny how powerful it was. And so we're very happy to announce that the video has since been nominated for 'Best Sporting Moment of the Year' in September's competition by Laureus.

Each month, from August to December, the public can select their favourite Moment from a shortlist of six videos, chosen by the sporting legends of the Laureus World Sports Academy. The five monthly winners will then go head-to-head in a final public vote, with the winner being announced at the 2018 Laureus Awards Ceremony.

One man and his dad take on Everest

Here at Tough Mudder we talk a lot about teamwork, determination and personal achievment - in fact you can't shut us up about it. But every now and then we see something at one of our events that encompasses everything that we admire and work towards as a brand.

Josh Landmann, a former hockey player from Lancashire was paralysed from just below his chest three years ago, when he fractured his neck. The injury means that he must use a wheelchair and is in the process of learning to walk again. Yet despite all of the physical odds being stacked against him, he took on and completed the Tough Mudder Half event.

In the video Josh can be seen leaving his wheelchair and with the help of his father Neil, who supported him around the 5 mile course, crawling up the face of Everest. Then in true Mudder-style he is pulled to the top of the obstacle by the outstretched hands of numerous strangers.

The video of Josh taking on Everest has gone viral, and it's no surprise as it is incredible to watch. It shows in only a few minutes Josh's own incredible perseverance in the face of adversity and the respect and compassion of those around him. It is a stark reminder to everyone watching that with a little help, anyone can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Josh took part in Tough Mudder Half to raise money for BenTrend GetInvolved, a foundation that supports athletes with disabilities. He is continuing to take part in sporting events to raise funds and you can still donate to his fundraising page.

Josh is also determined to tackle the Tough Mudder Full course and after inspiring Mudders and Tough Mudder novices alike all over the world - we're sure he won't be alone.