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The story behind the Nashville 2014 Sunday Cancellation

By TMHQ | 10. Juni 2014


Nashville Mudders,

There have been a lot of questions about Sunday’s canceled event. We understand the frustration—we know you trained, traveled and were ready to take on the event, and while this was disappointing, there was no way around it.

Here’s the story of how the event got canceled, and why.

Saturday night, just after 7:30 p.m., an intense microburst blew in to Spring Hill, TN. We had been dealing with rough weather conditions on the ground for the past week, but this storm was different. In the words of Mayor Rick Graham: “It was quite a surprise… The radar had a little bitty blip, but when it came through it was very powerful.”

Within hours, the storm had downed trees and power lines, and caused flooding throughout the area. Around 9 pm, a tornado warning was put into effect for several counties.

As soon we were safely able, we returned to the event site to examine the damage. This is what we found:

Tents had been ripped from the ground and mangled. A creek had swelled, leaving more than half of the course impassable and washing away a bridge along a medical access route. A foot of standing water covered large parts of Mudder Village.

Canceling the event was still an absolute last resort, and we worked through the night doing anything in our power to host the event. We considered all possibilities.

At daybreak, our Medical Director did a final evaluation of the situation. After examining the condition of the medical tent, the equipment, and the state of the emergency access routes, he determined that it would be impossible to hold a safe event. We’re used to working through hard conditions. But when our Medical team says that conditions are unsafe for participants, that’s the final word. Your safety is our number one priority, and we simply cannot risk it, no matter how much we all want the event to go on.

As we cleaned up on Sunday, we spoke with many of you in person. We know the rest of the town and surrounding area (upwards of 12k people from what we’ve read) was badly damaged and our thoughts remain with those impacted.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at a future TM event, and most of you should have already received emails with instructions and next steps. Thanks for sticking with us through the rough days, and we remain committed to bringing the highest quality events to all members of Mudder Nation.