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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: 5 Things You Should Never Do Alone

By Jonathan Roy | 12. October 2016


Being a part of a team can be incredibly rewarding, but sometimes doing things by yourself is pretty cool too. The mistake you should never make though, is doing any of these next five by yourself.

1. Moving

Moving isn't fun. In fact, it sucks. The only thing worse than moving, is moving alone. So make your friends share in the misery. Bribe them with pizza and beer, or maybe tickets to a Tough Mudder Half. If your friends don't want pizza and beer, or a fun weekend in the mud, get better friends. Or is that why you were moving in the first place?

2. Fall In Love

Is there anything worse than falling in love with a person who doesn't know you exist? Probably not. So don't do it, tell them you exist. The worst that could happen is they laugh at you. Actually, that sounds pretty bad, maybe just keep it to yourself for now.

3. Ping Pong

Unless you’ve watched Forrest Gump in the past 24 hours or are training for the Olympics (Yes, it’s an Olympic sport) do not, I repeat, DO NOT fold that table up and play ping pong alone. Literally EVERYONE loves ping pong, so either ask someone to play or risk looking like the guy nobody wants to play ping pong with. Seriously, what kind of person can't get anyone to play ping pong with them?

4. Watch 'The Notebook'

Nothing good can come of this. Watching this movie alone is definitely going to make you call your ex. Please don't do that, you hate your ex. They didn't like your dog and made you eat squash pasta.

And most importantly...

5. Run A Tough Mudder or Tough Mudder Half

Plenty of people sign up for Tough Mudder event alone, but nobody actually runs one alone. Once you get to that start line you're all on the same team, so don't be too proud to ask for help. More than likely you can offer some right back.


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