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There's No "I" in Mudder: Meet the 2016 Ambassadors

By TMHQ | 05. January 2016


Mudder Nation is made of some of the most kickass and inspiring people around the globe, and in 2016 we’re introducing 50 of them to you as Tough Mudder Ambassadors. They’re leaders on the course, and we’re not talking about finishing first - they’ll be the ones to give you a boost over Berlin Walls, a hand at Everest, tips to get through Arctic Enema, or the motivation you need to push through each mile.

Stay tuned throughout January as we reveal who these fine folks are, and why they’re so passionate about mud.

Ken Jacobus, New Jersey, United States

At the age of 55, many people believe that it’s time to start slowing down and settle into leisurely activities like shuffleboard, (HA, don’t make me laugh). My mindset is the complete opposite of that. I have always loved to see how far I can truly push my body. Throughout life, I have observed people making excuses about why they CAN’T do something, but we must remember, the only limitations we have are the ones we put upon ourselves. The human body is a wonderful machine and WTM always reminds me of its greatness. One day I won’t be able to do these types of events, but today is not that day. So, society and fellow senior citizens, you can keep your shuffleboard, I’ll stick to my favorite obstacle, The Cliff (a 38 ft. jump into a chilly lake at WTM).

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you’re still alive.

Maria “Mudder Hen” Beck, Toronto, Canada

In this Community, I’m commonly known as Mudder Hen because I not only enjoy running Tough Mudders, but I’m also passionate about taking care of people and cheering them on. I signed up for my first event spontaneously, even though I was undergoing chemotherapy at the time. As it turned out, the camaraderie, support, and positive energy that I found on the course proved to be just what I needed. With each obstacle, I overcame fear and gained confidence. It provided me a new way to manage the myriad of emotions that came with my health issues. I left that day with a new perspective, and a host of new friends. Since then, I’ve done my best to give back, hoping to help others find something just as special as I have found.

Eric Jenkins, Missouri, United States

"Mudderhood" is the one word that would describe why I have done so many events. I never participated in sports growing up. In fact, I was overweight as a kid and lacked the self-confidence to ever try out for a team of any kind. I have become more athletic as an adult, but frequenting the gym and lifting weights still didn't meet the desire I had for a team-like athletic challenge. I ran my first three Tough Mudders with friends. I showed up to my fourth by myself and ended up making new friends on the course. That day, I caught a vision of what true camaraderie and the brotherhood of mud or "Mudderhood" was. I have friends outside of Tough Mudder, but there is a different type of friendship that is forged out in the mud. It is different when you face fears together, or push each other to overcome challenges, and in the process become better. Sadly I didn't realize just how much I longed for this type of "belonging", until I experienced it. I have now run three WTMs with that friend, Jeremy Torkelson. We will stay lifelong friends. And I cannot begin to count how many other friends I have made, or how many inspiring people I have met. If you want a life changing experience, come out and join us in the mud.

Damian Shulz, Melbourne, AU

I see Tough Mudder as a challenge, an escape from everyday life, and a great way to have fun with friends and complete strangers. Tough Mudder gets me out of my comfort zone and tests me both physically and mentally. The camaraderie is legendary, especially when strangers are willing to lend a hand at any stage of the course and encourage others to overcome their fears. It is this camaraderie, along with the opportunity to challenge myself, which  keeps me coming back, so far, I’ve completed over 25 Tough Mudder laps across 15 events and I’m ready for more.