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TM Instagram Contest: 6 Best #TMTransformation Photos

By Melissa Benjamin | 04. November 2014


As the Tough Mudder 2014 season comes to an end, we want to relive some of your favorite moments from 2014. Every weekend we are hosting a #TMInstaContest on our Instagram page. Use the weekend's hashtag for your chance to be featured here on our blog, with the best photo winning a ticket to a Tough Mudder 2015 event. 

This week, #TMTransformation reminded us how motivational our Mudders are. From losing weight to overcoming injuries, people use Tough Mudder events to accomplish things greater than themselves. It was tough to choose just 6, so be sure to browse the hashtag to see more transformations.

6. @biceps_and_bacon

My entire adult life I felt like I was on the sidelines. I'd see things like the Tough Mudder and think "Man, I would love to do that." But I let me weight and unhealthy lifestyle hold me back. Last year I finally took charge and made changes in my life to become who I wanted to be. Running in the Tough Mudder was my ultimate goal. Every obstacle I faced and conquered felt like a new step forward in life. I can honestly say I've never been more proud of myself than when I stepped across that finish line, covered in mud, blood and sweat. I can't wait to run again! #TMTransformation #TMInstaContest 

5. @realmissmichelle

#TMTransformation means setting a goal and reaching it. The best decision I ever made was to get healthy, yes it was #tough but it's was #worthit and I'm the happiest I've ever been @tough_mudder was a great accomplishment!#proud #fitness #ToughMudderColorado 

4. @lukeosman92

This is my #TMTransformation; I achieved my health and fitness goals largely in thanks to my beautiful support network and the power of positivity. I'm happier and healthier than ever before; Love yourself and the world will give back that love. #TMInstaContest @tough_mudder

3. @snarkyfitness

Left: 2010, 248lbs | Right: 2014, 155, nearly 100lbs down. When I first started losing weight and really learning what "fitness" meant, I had one goal above all able to complete a Tough Mudder. The #MudderNation has been instrumental in my success, and I can't wait to earn my third orange headband on Saturday! #TMInstaContest #TMTransformation @tough_mudder

2. @derektno

I destroyed what was left in my already far gone knee that took a bullet in Iraq during my first @tough_mudder. We fixed that problem in time to hit it again next year. WOO!! You can't stop a willing spirit. I don't know what this is exactly but this is my idea of my #TMtransformation. See you next year.


And the winner is: @kdevine72

From 394 lbs in Jan 2013 and unable to tie a shoe without losing my breath to Oct 2014 and at 238lbs and completing #ToughMudderDallas#TMInstaContest #TMTransformation ready for #ToughMudder2015