TMHQ & Doug Grady Present: The (Unofficial) Tough Mudder Song

By Matt Alesevich | 27. Juni 2014


In 2010 at the age of 42, author and motivational speaker, Doug Grady, was in a self-described “mud-life crisis.” He was out of shape, deep in debt, drinking heavily and had an overall cynical attitude toward all things life. “Typically when men have a midlife crisis, they go buy a Porsche and find a 20-year old girlfriend,” Doug laughs. “But those things require money, and I didn’t have that.”

His first solution? To train for an event so absurd that accomplishing it couldn’t NOT possibly have a significant impact on his life. Doug turned to Tough Mudder. “The simple choice [to sign up for Tough Mudder] had a ripple effect on my life,” Doug says. “It helped me think differently.”

His second solution? Sing about it. According to Doug, a five-time Mudder and seasoned musician, completing a Tough Mudder is a “magnificent, muddy metaphor for the inevitable obstacles in life.” And that’s just what his song, The (Unofficial) Tough Mudder Song is all about.