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TMHQ Sneak Peek: Meet the Mudders who Built Tough Mudder Montreal

By TMHQ | 10. Juli 2014


Welcome to Tough Mudder Montreal, or more specifically, Bromont, Quebec, Canada. Today, like most days setting up a Tough Mudder (or running one), was filled with highs and lows. Let's start with the lows (because everyone likes ending on a high note).

1. Learning French

While everyone here speaks French, only one person on our TMHQ crew does. We think this says "Mudder Legion," but do we know for sure? Not at all.


Tim Hortons is the only coffee place around. I'm sorry, Canada, but I don't get it.

3. Too Much Mud

It is muddy out here. Very muddy. Why is that a low? Because two of our course crew got their UTV stuck at the end of the day. Not once, but twice... in 10 minutes.

4. Mud Mile (a low for you guys)

Our construction team created the biggest Mud Mile ever, for some literal highs and lows.

Now, let's get into the highs of the day:

1. #LogisticsWin

We organized the Dickens out of the English signage kit and got rid of a bunch of old signs we've been carrying around but don't need.

2. Big Hugs

Brendan got this hug from our operator at the end of the day. That is, after she spent the whole day forklifting portapotties and water to the water stations on course.

3. Sunsets. 'Nuff Said

This makes us feel warm and fuzzy at the end of the day.


This picture from Instagram.

5. High, or Low?

At the end of the day, we let our curiosity get the best of us. To be honest, we'd been curious about this place for the past two days. so we decided to see what it was all about. Would it be glorious? Would we suffer such that we might not be able to continue on tomorrow? We could stay away no longer.

Good news is, we lived. And we all know, the team that dines together at the combination Thai Zone/Burger King, puts on good events together.