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Top 5 Photos from Global Mudder Weekend 2015

By Matt Alesevich | 16. September 2015


After Global Mudder 2014 put Tough Mudder in the international spotlight, we decided to go even bigger in 2015. On the weekend of September 12 and 13, thousands of Mudders across the United States, Germany, the UK and Australia tackled Tough Mudder’s 10- to 12-mile world-class obstacle course and proved, once again, that Mudder Nation is a global force that’s here to stay.

Here are our top photos from Global Mudder weekend.

Moment of Impact - Tough Mudder Colorado, USA

A team of Mudders collide with Beached Whale at Snowmass.

To the Rescue - Tough Mudder Wisconsin, USA

Two Wisconsin Mudders display the Mudder ethos at Mud Mile.

Above and Below - Tough Mudder Queensland, Australia

Mudders unknowingly cross paths at a Queensland course intersection.

Legionnaire Landslide - Tough Mudder Northwest, UK

A Mudder Legionnaire makes a splash at the infamous Mud Mile.

Up and Over - Tough Mudder Süddeutschland, Germany

A festive team of Germany Mudders scale a wall in style.

Looking to get in on the mud-coated madness? Chances are, there’s a Tough Mudder course near you.