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Tough Mudder Introduces Obstacle Course For Kids

By Matt Alesevich | 04. February 2015


For a half-decade, thousands upon thousands of children have witnessed their parents and grandparents; uncles and aunts; babysitters and teachers boldly traverse Tough Mudder’s 10 to 12-mile obstacle course.

They’ve watched on in inspiration with one thing in mind: When will it be my turn?

This year, however, we’re silencing the are-we-there-yets with the release of Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder, the very first kid-sized obstacle course of its kind.

So excited you can't speak? It's okay. We'll answer your questions.

What is Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder?

Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder is a 1-mile obstacle course, featured at all US, UK and Ireland Tough Mudder events, for children under 13 years old and 42 inches (1.1m) tall and over. Just like Tough Mudder, Mini Mudder is not a race but a fun, teamwork-oriented challenge.

What does ‘Fruit Shoot’ mean?

Fruit Shoot is a juice drink for kids made with real fruit juice. Britvic, the company behind Fruit Shoot, has been juicing for over 110 years, and is happy to provide samples to all Mini Mudders.

How is Mini Mudder different from Tough Mudder?

While just as fun, active and team-centric as a real Tough Mudder, Mini Mudder obstacles, like Secret Agent Squeeze and Gooey Shoes, are safe, kid-friendly obstacles designed specifically for kids.

How is Mini Mudder similar to Tough Mudder?

Mini Mudders give children the empowering opportunity to not only challenge themselves but to bond with other like-minded kids in a safe, healthy, active environment. Just like a real Tough Mudder, a headband and a refreshing Fruit Shoot juice awaits them at the finish line.

This is amazing. How do I sign my kid up?

We knew you’d ask. To get your kids in on the Mudder action, get your child a kid’s spectator ticket. (Hint: They’re free when you purchase an adult participant ticket through February 16.) Then on event day, simply follow signage to the Mini Mudder Village, and get ready to make some mud-coated memories.

Stay tuned to the Mini Mudder homepage and Tough Mudder blog for Mini Mudder training tips, obstacle features and other know-before-you-go info for parents.