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Watch Now! Second Season of Tough Mudder TV Show on CW Seed

By TMHQ | March 4, 2018


Watch the digital shorts and the 1 hour special HERE on CW Seed. 

Tough Mudder is an intense, pulse-pounding, mentally tough 10-12 mile event full of shoe-sucking mud and 20+ epic obstacles. Just showing up is a triumph in itself. Amithy, Stu, Val, and Taylor are a testament to making that first step, and seeing it through to their last step as they cross the finish line. They are the utter embodiment of what it means to be Tougher Together.

Back by popular demand for a powerful second season, Tough Mudder: Tougher Together is an in depth docu-series offering a raw, unvarnished glimpse into the lives of these inspiring Mudders and their teams on their journey to take part in what is probably the toughest event on the planet. Get thrust into the middle of each participant's emotional journey. Their pains, joys, fears and triumphs are all part of the incredible stories that will have you witness the power of Tougher Together through the Tough Mudder experience.




Amithy’s Story - A devastating loss. An inspirational choice.

Amithy’s late husband Ward was planning on running a Tough Mudder before he passed away suddenly last year. She decided to team up with her three best friends and tackle the event in his honor, along with their two young sons who will be running the Mini-Mudder course. With her boys and her friends by her side, Amithy is set to prove that with teamwork, perseverance, and courage, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.



Val’s Story - Overcoming fears. Pushing limits.

Val, 24, and her father Stu, 64 are both long-time Mudders from Florida. Stu signed up for his first Tough Mudder two years ago, and ended up losing 58 pounds in the process. Val, who has Down Syndrome, hopes to gain confidence, show her parents her strength and independence, and inspire others who might have doubts about their own abilities to do the same.



Taylor’s Story - Breaking down barriers. Building up bonds.

Taylor is running in his fourth Tough Mudder, but it’s his first since his recent gender reassignment surgery. Taylor is planning to run with his father, Rick, hoping they can forge a stronger bond as a father and son on the course.