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World's Tough Mudder Finale 2016: Full Episode

By TMHQ | 21. Juni 2017

1,500 competitors. 21 obstacles. A 5-mile loop of unforgiving desert terrain. Running 100 miles 24 hours. This is World's Toughest Mudder 2016. 
Re-live all the epic, insane, pulse-pounding action of World’s Toughest Mudder 2016 and get a taste for what you’ll be facing on the course in 2017 with the three-part special, seen only on CBS and CBS Sports Network. See what it took for last year’s Mudders, including winners Trevor Cichosz, Ryan Atkins, Jon Albon, and Stefanie Bishop to overcome the exhausting 24-hour challenge of World’s Toughest, and start putting together your own plan of attack on how to beat the heat, cold, mud, and obstacles at Las Vegas Lake in 2017. 
Kick, back, relax and watch as top athletes, from the baddest Mudders on the planet to our everyday heroes push themselves to their limits and beyond. Don’t relax too hard though - this is where you visualize, where you project victory and think ahead to your own assault on Las Vegas.