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World's Toughest Mudder Tips: Understanding WTM Awards and Prizes

By Nolan Kombol | 16. Juli 2014


If you’re getting advice from even the most seasoned World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) contenders, be sure to take it with a grain of salt (or more appropriately, sand) because for the first time ever, the extreme 24-hour military obstacle course race will be held on never-before-experienced WTM terrain--the desert sands of Las Vegas.

And while the scene at Lake Las Vegas on November 15 and 16, 2014 will be something no Mudder has ever experienced before, there is one man capable of giving Mudders a sneak peak behind WTM’s mud-coated curtain--Tough Mudder’s Head Course Designer, Nolan Kombol.

The kind (yet twisted) soul that he is, Nolan has requested to write a series of WTM Pro Tip blog posts leading up to WTM 2014 to provide the most hardcore Mudders with exclusive, insider tips that could make or break their race.

Having already covered tips for organizing your WTM pit area, we move onto today’s topic: WTM awards and prizes.

Take it away, Nolan.

Last year we had some confusion around the official awards for World’s Toughest Mudder. This year, we have two basic categories for awards and prizes: Top Prize and Achievement Awards. Below is a breakdown and explanation of the awards and prizes at WTM 2014.


The Top Prize awards are for the serious competitor and for those vying for the most miles completed in 24 hours. This has been a staple of the competition for the past four years and will continue to be the top award for any athlete completing the most miles of WTM in a 24hr period.

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Pro Tip: To contend for the Top Prize, men should look to complete 90-100 miles; women, 80-90 miles; team, 65-85 miles.


WTM is not only for the Top 5 athletes in each category, as many participants simply want to experience and be a part of the Toughest Event on the Planet, while others want to get a sneak peak at new 2015 obstacles. The WTM Achievement Awards are a second set of awards given to WTM contenders after completing key milestones during the event.

Achievement Awards Pro Tip: Each award is available after an achievement’s completion. The Pit will have a main Awards Tent, where achievement bibs are distributed.

Completion of 25 miles: 25 Mile Recognition

Awarded: 25 Mile Recognition badge
ProTip - 25 miles: Can be achieved with mild pace and long periods of rest. Likely for those first timers looking to get a taste of WTM.

Completion of 50 miles: 50 Miler Award (bib change)

Awarded: The Brown WTM Bib
ProTip - 50 miles: Can be achieved with moderate rest and 1-2 hours of sleep

Completion of 75 miles: 75 Miler Award (bib change)

Awarded: 2015 Tough Mudder Season Pass & Silver WTM Bib
ProTip - 75 miles: Can be achieved with limited stops, limited rest and no sleep

Completion of 100 miles: 100 Miler Award (bib change)

Awarded: Free Entry to WTM 2015, 2015 Tough Mudder Season Pass & Orange WTM Bib
ProTip - 100 miles: Requires significant training and planning with no stops, no rest and no sleep. Must have a thorough and considered strategy before attempting.

Completion of 125 miles: 125 Miler Award (bib change)

Awarded: Lifetime Tough Mudder entry, free entry to WTM 2015 & Black and Orange WTM Bib
ProTip - 125 miles: Pray to the gods? Most believe this award is unachievable. Please prove them wrong.

Black Ops: For the most laps completed between sunset and sunrise.

Awarded: The Black WTM Bib & one free Tough Mudder entry
ProTip - Black Ops: To win this award, it’s best to get a few light laps in before sunset and getting some rest during the day. Wake up one hour before sunset to warm up and start your first lap just after the official nighttime bell. Only laps started after official sunset and completed before official sunrise will count towards your official nighttime laps.

Fastest Lap: Awarded to the participant who completes the fastest first (1st) lap

Awarded: The Green WTM Bib & one free Tough Mudder entry
ProTip - Fastest Lap: This is awarded to the contender in each category who achieves the fastest first lap (5 miles). Contrary to other runs, this is not measured from your first lap “time,” but measured on the first man, woman, and team to cross the first lap finish line. This lap is designed to be a preview/sprint lap, therefore no obstacles will be open on this lap. Contenders are routed around each obstacle through separate gates. We suggest using this lap as a chance to prepare yourself for the feel and layout of the course.


Just like at Tough Mudders, WTM has it’s own unique headbands. There are two official WTM headbands to be earned: the WTM ORANGE headband and the WTM BLACK headband.

WTM Orange Headband– Awarded to those who participated in WTM but did not make it through the full 24 hours of WTM. These are distributed at the onsite Awards Tent and can be picked up anytime before 10am Sunday morning.

WTM Black Headband- Awarded to those who stayed active on course for all 24 hours without dropping out. Because this is a significant and admirable achievement, contenders are awarded the WTM BLACK headband.

Headbands are only distributed onsite at the Awards Tent, starting at 10am Sunday morning (the 24th hour).