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got a rash or bug bites after Sept Mudder race in Wisconsin.

Started by 1982crew

Did anyone develop a rash or what seems bug bites after the Sept Mudder race in Wisconsin?

Nov. 10 37
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Trying to get in touch

Started by Alwaysjoy

I've been trying unsuccessfully to reach tough mudder regarding a sign up and can't get a reply can anyone suggest how to get one?

Nov. 09 2
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Broken leg but still finished :-)

Started by adamdunst

So i took part in the North West event yesterday the day didn't quite go how i planned. I reached the Log Jamming obstacle, i underestimated one of the logs and jumped into it cracking my ribs.

Nov. 09 26
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2016 Finisher t-shirt sizes

Started by joshua-leveque-3

I see that the finisher tshirts are back to the dri-fit style.

Nov. 08 22
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Is this hard?

Started by GoPreds26

A buddy and I CRUSHED one of these obstacle courses a couple years back somewhere in upstate NY. That was only a 5k tho, how much harder is this? Tell me how Tough Mudder broke you.

Nov. 06 24
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THIS guy's still got it.

Started by AntiqueMudder

For those of you who think you're too old to run a Tough Mudder, throw that out the window! I ran TM Arizona in 2012, to celebrate my 60th birthday.

OKT. 17 69
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Started by carl-sanderson1

Hi All.

Sep. 11 3
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Started by Katiekate

I registered my Mrs for the Sunday North West 17 event but alas she cant do it. I have tried and tried to transfer the ticket to me to use next year.

Sep. 08 0
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How Tough Mudder Saved my Life

Started by mudshark18

18, struggling with anxiety, I signed up for TM, the competitive daredevil in me intrigued by the Toughest Event on the Planet. I apprehensively stood at the start line.

Aug. 28 7
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Editing my profile

Started by -2493

I am not sure if this is really considered a story or not. I am just trying to figure out how to edit my profile. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Aug. 05 5