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Arctic Enema
Arctic Enema

This 4 degree cold ice cube bath literally freezes many a tough mudder. No obstacle polarizes like Arctiv Enema, loved by some, arguably the toughest challenge by others.

Electroshock Therapy
Electroshock Therapy

A Tough Mudder classic that's not about physical strength, it's about nerves of steel. You have to run through a field full of small wires charged with up to 10,000 volts. Do you dare, Mudder?


Mudderhorn is the tallest obstacle we've ever built and is not for the faint of heart. With this climbing net challenge you can fight your fear of heights.

Berg und Talfahrt
Berg & Talfahrt

Up and down and up and down. This obstacle looks easy, but after a few kilometers it gets really tough.

Berlin Walls
Berlin Walls

Only when you stand in front of this vertical wooden wall do you realize how high 3 meters actually are. It's really not an easy task to do alone. You can all do it as a team.

Black Widow

A series of 30’ long elevated tightropes suspended over water.

Cry Baby

Clear those sinuses and dry those eyes with a crawl through Tough Mudder's proprietary tear gas blend.

Cage Crawl
Cage Crawl

Do you suffer from claustrophobia? Then you need a lot of courage here. In an almost 18 meter long pool of water you have to pull yourself backwards along a fence. Walking is not an option because the distance between the fence and the water surface is only 20 centimeters.

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