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Started by SoniaD

Where are the block Ness monster, everest and tarzan photos from Scotland 2016? No one can find them anywhere. There are none of anyone doing them. Thanks

Nov. 09 59
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Started by sapper873

does anyone know if the full and half run together to start as i want to do the full and the wife wants the half

Nov. 08 29
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Started by Strength4Me

I just purchased the merrell all out crush orange and black shoes for the 24 hour run. Has anyone else bought these for the 24 hour world's toughest? If so, how were they? Thanks.

Nov. 08 2
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Started by Strength4Me

Attire helpful for this event? My first one.

Nov. 06 33
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TEST OBSTACLE-Rings on A frame

Started by roberts1234

Just did the new test obstacle. I loved it! Similar to Funky Monkey; there are pegs sticking out of an A frame about the same distance as FM.

Nov. 04 2
Amanda Pniewski-Brooks's picture
Warrior Carry

Started by Amanda Pniewski...

Does anyone know the rule for if your team has an odd number? I seem to remember in 2013, odd teams paired up in twos and the remaining 3 were allowed a 2 man carry of the third.

Nov. 04 26
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Newbie for Nashville

Started by TurtleShelley

This will be my first OCR. I am looking for some guidance and maybe form a team for the half mudder in Nashville September 2017.

Nov. 01 4
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Started by -216

Do I need to wear my old headband to get onto the legionaries obstacles? And do I need take my last eat headband to get my new headband??

OKT. 31 139
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Fire in Your Hole

Started by ChalleeB

Did anyone else have an issue with this obstacle or know someone that did?

OKT. 30 13
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Do the electric shocks really hurt?

Started by mudd-n-gold

Help! I’m trying to convince a friend to run with me, but she is freaked out about Electroshock. I’ve never run a Tough Mudder so I don’t know what to tell her.

OKT. 30 39