The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet ist das, was passiert, wenn TMHQ die Köpfe zusammensteckt und sich denkt, “Was, wenn wir unsere toughsten Hindernisse nehmen und sie miteinander verbinden?” Es ist das längste Hindernis, das wir je gebaut haben. Zusammengesetzt aus vier unterschiedlichen Segmenten, die Dir alles abverlangen und ein wahres Ganzkörpertraining ergeben.

Watch Your Step

These suckers are wobbly, so move quickly, calmly, and with good intentions.

Feel the Rhythm

A good grip will only get you so far here. So hold tight, get some momentum, and fly.

Stay Focused

This is where things get tricky and technical. Grip tight and keep your eye on the prize.

„Three obstacles in one? Now THAT’S value.“

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Gauntlet.
How To Conquer
Take this one section at a time. Focus on your footwork across the balance beams first. Once you reach the ring section, keep your arms slightly bent at the elbow and let the swinging motion do most of the work. Save that grip strength for the final section of handholds. where you’ll want to grip tight and move fast.


Cracked up in 2019, the Gauntlet sought to combine three classic Tough Mudder features into a challenge that was more than the sum of its parts. Modified version of Twinkle Toes, Hangin‘ Tough, and Just the Tip were strung together for the toughest trio this side of the Three Stooges.

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